NJ Gun Control Works So Well, Man Convicted Of Selling 11 Guns Over Summer

New Jersey is one of the tougher gun control states in the country. You can’t do much of anything legally in the state without the government’s permission. That includes buying or selling guns.

Plus, as gun control activists tell us all the time, gun control works.

In fact, it works so well that this news report is of something that totally didn’t happen.

Federal authorities have arrested a 34-year-old city man who they say illegally sold 11 guns, including two semiautomatic rifles, in Paterson and Passaic during a seven-week period over the summer.

The gun sales were made to a “confidential source” who used more than $8,000 provided by the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to buy the weapons, authorities said.

During one of the alleged transactions, which authorities say were video- and audio-recorded by federal agents, the suspect, Floyd Henry, reportedly talked of having multiple buyers for the guns, documents released by the United States Attorney’s Office show.

Henry, a convicted felon, allegedly said to the confidential source that he “got some coming in this weekend,” according to documents released by federal law enforcement officials. “That’s what the guy that’s calling me,” authorities quoted Henry as saying. “He wants six of them, but I’m [going to] try to slide you in there. I got a lot of people, man. That why I said if you ain’t call me for these, somebody else gonna get them.”

So a convicted felon was able to get firearms and then turn around and sell them despite every single gun law on the books saying it was illegal to do so.

I guess that “gun control works” crap just went out the window, now didn’t it?

Anti-gunners will argue that this isn’t really an issue. However, it’s a big enough issue that the ATF set up a sting operation to catch Henry. That’s a lot of money to bust someone for doing something that doesn’t really happen, now isn’t it?

The thing is, the only reason this isn’t more of a problem is that law-abiding citizens are still law-abiding. That’s the case up until the moment they decide the law has gone too far and they’re not interested in following it anymore. Everyone’s got a point, after all, and when it comes to guns, a lot of people have already figured out theirs.

The moment that happens, the more people like Mr. Henry you’re going to find who will be happy to provide firearms regardless of any local, state, or federal laws.

Let’s also note that Henry is a convicted felon. He’s not someone who bought guns from a store then sold them to whoever. He couldn’t buy guns from a store, yet here he was getting enough firearms to make a nice little profit on them. It sure as hell sounds like gun control failed over and over again on this one, now doesn’t it?

It’s only too bad anti-gunners haven’t figured out just idiotic this quest they’ve undertaken actually is. Then again, if they were smart, they’d have figured it out long ago.