Impeachment Mess Only Short-Term Disruption To House's Gun Grab

The Democrat-controlled House has pushed a lot of gun control since they took office last year. None of it goes anywhere because the Senate has no interesting pretty much any of it, but they keep pushing it.


Yet the month of August saw four high-profile mass shootings, three of which were all within a single week (Gilroy, El Paso, and Dayton). It shifted things around so much that it looked like at least some gun control measures were going to pass. We already knew the House was willing, but President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seemed willing as well. It was all but a done deal.

Then the talk of impeachment reared its head again and sidelined all of that. After all, why should Trump work with people who were actively trying to remove him from office?

Well, Nancy Pelosi wants to make it clear that they’re not backing down on gun control in the least.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in brief remarks alongside Rep. Adam Schiff, told reporters that Democrats were bound and determined to pass gun control legislation, regardless of how long it takes, regardless of what else is taking place in the political world, regardless of how many stones Second Amendment supporters throw into the way.

Take this as a threat.

“We’re not going away until we get legislation signed into law that protects our children,” she said in a brief video posted by The Hill.

Her determination shouldn’t be dismissed.

In between all the whistleblowing-slash-Ukraine-slash-impeachment brouhaha brewing and bustling about Capitol Hill, remember: Pelosi is the one who kept up the fight for Obamacare, when most others thought it was a dead deal.

“Nancy Pelosi’s Fight: How She Revived Obamacare After Democrats Left It For Dead,” The Intercept wrote in November of 2018.

“It is dangerous to underestimate Nancy Pelosi,” Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote in a piece for the Financial Times in June.

Quite right.


This is important. We have a tendency to dismiss the opposition. We think of them as idiots and, in fairness, it’s hard not to when they make such clear tactical blunders as giving up what they want to tilt at the windmill of impeachment.

But Pelosi isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon. as the op-ed linked above goes on to note, Pelosi’s been in Washington for so long, she happens to know where all the bodies are buried. She can get things done. If not now, then later.

Right now, gun control is dead. However, that may or may not be in the case after 2020.

That means it’s really time to start getting ready to back pro-gun lawmakers for the House, maintain the pro-gun majority in the Senate, and while President Trump isn’t great on guns, he’s better than anyone who will run against him in the general election who has a legitimate shot at relevancy.

Pelosi isn’t going to give up on gun control. We just have to make damn sure she’s depowered to the point of almost irrelevancy. I say almost because it’s not like she’s going anywhere.

We just need to make damn sure pro-gun lawmakers aren’t either.

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