4 Dead, 3 Injured In Brooklyn Mass Shooting

The hardest place in the United States to get a firearm is New York City. All five boroughs that make up the Big Apple all fall under the same draconian gun control regulations that make it virtually impossible to own and carry a firearm. It’s so bad people have taken to bribing police officials to help with their permit process.


Yet crime is still an issue.

While it’s not as bad as it has been in the past, it’s still a problem. Frankly, it always will be. This despite more than a century of tough gun laws.

In fact, those gun laws didn’t prevent a mass shooting in Brooklyn, either.

Four people were killed and three injured in a Saturday morning shooting at an illegal gambling site in Brooklyn, New York police said.

The shooting happened before 7 a.m. on Utica Avenue in the Crown Heights area, NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot F. Shea said at a media briefing Saturday.

Shea described the scene as “chaotic” when officers first responded.

Two firearms were recovered and there’s evidence of at least 15 shots fired, he said, adding that more firearms may be found.

The victims range in age from 32 to 49 years old. Four men died, and two men and one woman were injured. He described their injuries as non life-threatening and said they are receiving treatment at a hospital.

The altercation reportedly stemmed from an accusation of cheating by one of the dead who then pulled a gun and opened fire. He was shot and killed by a bouncer who in turn was shot and killed.


Now, let’s address a couple of things first. Yes, this is a mass shooting. The FBI defines mass murder as four or more people killed in a single event. This qualifies. Second, they were all shot, thus it’s a mass shooting…

…by the purest definition of the term. But let’s be honest, this isn’t what anyone thinks of when they hear the term “mass shooting” and we all know it.

That’s why this one isn’t getting played all over the place as yet another mass shooting we need to address. Instead, it’s going to be lumped into statistics and simply presented as yet another mass shooting at a time when you won’t know or remember the details.

Nor will you remember that it happened in the most gun controlled city in the United States.

See, there’s nothing about this that advances the gun control narrative. Nothing at all. This was an illegal gambling den, apparently, and it’s unlikely that anyone who fired a shot owned their weapon legally. It was a shooting associated with other illegal activity, something more Americans are notoriously ambivalent about. They don’t get down on their knees and scream, “Why?” to the sky when it’s people engaging in illegal activity.


Gun control groups know this. They know it and so they simply lump events like this into a big pile and then claim there’s been a mass shooting per day or whatever nonsense they’re currently spouting. Stuff like this, people engaged in illegal activity shooting others engaged in illegal activity, meets the letter of the rule but doesn’t help the narrative because it doesn’t generate outrage.

Especially when it happens someplace like New York where we’re told things like this can’t happen due to their harsh gun control laws.

Funny how that worked out, now isn’t it?

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