ABC News Mistakes Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot For Turkish Invasion

If there are two things every American should strive to be proud of besides their kids, it’s their country and their profession. Sometimes it’s easier to be proud of our country than others, but we live in the freest nation on Earth. That alone is something that gets me through the day and is why I refuse to give up ground on freedom.

As for my profession, well…I’m a journalist. Some days, it’s pretty rough to be proud of my profession. Especially when some of my colleagues make colossal mistakes.

However, sometimes their mistakes may make me ashamed of my profession but even more proud of my country.

ABC News apologized Monday for mistakenly running a video that apparently was taken at a gun range in Kentucky with a report about Turkish attacks in northern Syria.

“We’ve taken down video that aired on ‘World News Tonight Sunday’ and ‘Good Morning America’ this morning that appeared to be from the Syrian border immediately after questions were raised about its accuracy,” the network said in a statement on Monday. “ABC News regrets the error.”

A representative for ABC News declined to comment on how the mix-up had happened.

The clip that accompanied the reports on the bombings showed explosions and smoke dominating the dark horizon. Tom Llamas, an anchor with ABC News’s “World News Tonight” spoke over the footage, which someone reposted on YouTube. “This video, right here, appearing to show Turkey’s military bombing Kurd civilians in a Syrian border town,” Mr. Llamas said.

So, a recreational night at the range–admittedly, an epic night, but still a recreational night at the range–of Americans exercising their right as best they could was sufficient to convince an entire news agency that this was actually footage of Turkey bombing the Kurds in Syria.

Holy crap, if I didn’t love my country before.

The ABC News footage followed by actual footage from the Knob Creek machine gun shoot.:


Think about this for a moment. There are people who swear up and down that American citizens wouldn’t be able to match the furor and might of a modern army. Meanwhile, some of those same people looked at what some American citizens were doing for fun and thought it looked like an invasion by the Turkish military.

Keep in mind that Turkey is a modern army and a member of NATO, yet ABC News journalists–at least some of whom must have reported from actual combat zones–seemed to think a night of fun and mayhem was an actual military attack.

How can you not love a country where people can do stuff like this and be 100 percent legal in doing so?

Plus, we get to laugh at ABC News because they don’t recognize real, actual freedom at work when they see it. They use footage like this and throw around words like atrocities but all I can think of is that the U.S. won’t be home to any such thing simply because we’re capable of putting on displays like this for our own personal amusement.

“We’re coming for your guns,” some might say.

Well, take a look at that video and think long and hard about how much you’d like to see something like that from the receiving end.