Why Black People Should Never Support Gun Control

I’m not a black man.

That apparently matters in this day and age, so I just want to put that out there so there isn’t any confusion.

As such, I know that any statements I make about why a black person should or shouldn’t support something would be suspect. After all, I’m a white dude from the South. We all know what that stereotype is like, now don’t we?

However, I do happen to think that black people really shouldn’t support gun control. Granted, I don’t think anyone should support gun control, but especially the black community. Yet being a white guy, there are those would would suspect ulterior motives from me.

So, don’t listen to me, then. Listen to Carl Jackson, a black man, on why blacks shouldn’t support gun control. Ever.

Given America’s history with slavery, black people should be the biggest advocates for the Second Amendment. Guns equal freedom!

Despite the mantra from the left, there’s no such thing as an “assault rifle.” It’s a term they invented to make guns sound scary, and it works. I prefer to call semi-automatic rifles, such as the AR-15 by their proper names: “anti-dictator rifles,” “self-defense rifles” and sporting rifles. They’re available for purchase to all law-abiding citizens of age, as they should be.  Blacks should be skeptical of any smooth-talking politician that claims he or she wants to keep us “safe” by confiscating guns or banning so-called “assault weapons.” Guns have the last say in determining a free society from an enslaved one. That’s why the Second Amendment is so important.

Democrats have been selling gun control in the black community as long as I can remember. They play on our fears because they want to control us.

No one wants to see senseless murders committed by thugs with guns. But we can’t allow Democrats to blur the line between criminals that commit violent gun crimes and law-abiding gun owners that simply want to defend their lives and property from tyrants and criminals.

Democrats and their allies in the media often ignore the high gun-crime rates that exist in their own Blue cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and Baltimore, despite having the strictest gun control laws in the country. Furthermore, they rarely mention that the overwhelming amount of violent gun crimes are suicide, drug and gang related. Mass shootings are a big problem, but they’re a tiny percentage of annual gun crimes. Also, as we learned with the Parkland shooter, plenty of warning signs were ignored. Therefore, we can deduce that mass shootings have the potential to be prevented when people speak up, and existing laws are enforced. By sensationalizing these tragedies, Democrats have convinced too many blacks that guns are evil instead of the criminals that use them for ill purposes.

Honestly, go read the whole thing. Jackson nails a lot of points I’ve also considered and even made through the years, only to have those same points dismissed simply because I’m white.

Folks, when it comes to civil liberties, the only “black” or “white” should be the text of the laws preserving those freedoms. They should apply equally to everyone and, now at least, they do.

Yet we find an incredible push by the anti-gun forces to remove those civil liberties with laws that will most likely impact the black community harder than the rest of the nation. They’re likely to bear the brunt of these new laws’ failures.

My hope is that they’ll listen to Mr. Jackson.