Gun Rights Group Goes On Offensive In Iowa, New Hampshire

Gun Rights Group Goes On Offensive In Iowa, New Hampshire

Right now, we’re hearing an awful lot about how gun control groups are pushing hard in various places. They’re even doing it in places where the people they’re targeting aren’t even up for reelection. Clearly, they have money to burn.


Meanwhile, we’re not hearing a lot out of the gun rights groups. Sure, it’s still early in many places, but in some others there’s only a couple of weeks before election day. Surely someone, somewhere, is going on the offensive against the enemies of the Second Amendment, right?

It turns out, someone is.

The Protect Freedom PAC, a political action committee based in Warrenton, Va. to support pro-freedom and pro-liberty candidates, announced that they would run a television ad entitled “The Truth is Out” in Iowa and New Hampshire during the CNN Democratic debate on Tuesday night.

“For a generation, Democrats have talked in generic terms about ‘common-sense gun control’ and promised voters that ‘no one is going to take away your guns.’ The mask has slipped. The leading Democratic candidates for president are all calling for extreme gun control measures, including outright confiscation of legally-purchased firearms by law-abiding gun owners,” Michael Biundo, spokesman for Protect Freedom PAC said.

“Protect Freedom PAC is holding the Democrats accountable, and we believe every Democrat running for every office should answer for the radical positions of their party’s leaders. And frankly, we can’t wait until the debate to find out what these extremists are going to say next. These ads just write themselves,” he added.

Now, the question is, will it do any good?

I’m not sure how well targeted the ad might have been. Running during the Democratic debate doesn’t make it likely the average viewer will change their mind. These are generally people whose minds are already made up on the topic of guns. However, there are likely some undecideds who are watching to see if there’s a Democrat they can tolerate enough to vote for or whether they’ll side with President Donald Trump come next November.


With those voters, it might.

Plus, they are focusing on New Hampshire and Iowa, which are both states that vote early in the primary season and have a strong history of firearm ownership, so they might actually be targeting this perfectly.

Honestly, it could go either way.

Mostly, though, I’m just glad to see someone pro-gun seeming to put up a fight. Right now, most of what we’re seeing is…nothing. I’m sure plenty is going on behind the scenes, but we’re not seeing any of it out here on the ground, which is a problem.

At least now we see something that suggests our rights aren’t being forfeited and are, instead, being fought for.

Even if it doesn’t make a lot of difference with undecided voters or even pro-gun Democrats, it damn sure makes me feel a lot better about the 2020 election season. It’s a signal that we’re not going down without a fight. As it is, the 2020 election may be the most important one in the history of the Second Amendment and we simply can’t let it go without standing our ground.

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