Trayvon Martin Lawyer Continues Pushing False Narrative

Trayvon Martin has become a martyr for millions of Americans. In particular, to those who are too lazy to look up the details of the case against George Zimmerman and to see just why he walked. They won’t see the concrete cracked from where Zimmerman’s head was repeatedly bashed into the sidewalk, an act that could easily have been fatal. They won’t see that Martin’s decision to confront Zimmerman wasn’t limited to questioning the fact that Martin was being followed, but included a decision to hurt another person.


No, Trayvon Martin continues to be held up as a good boy who was simply gunned down by an overzealous and racist white person–nevermind that Zimmerman has just as much white blood as President Obama–and is a poster child for some supposed racially motivated genocide.

Yes, someone really is pushing that. Not just any someone, either.  This comes from an attorney who represented Martin’s family and who is continuing to push both a false narrative of what happened and a complete misrepresentation of self-defense laws in this country.

Ben Crump paints a chilling picture in his new book of how black and brown people in this country are often killed by police officers and private citizens, who then get away with murder.

And while the sheer number of people who have been killed is shocking and overwhelming, Crump, the Florida lawyer known for representing the families of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and Botham Jean, among others, said his book, “Open Season: Legalized Genocide of Colored People,” is more than a tabulation of victims’ cases.

Both Martin and Brown were found to have been trying to kill the people who eventually shot them. Michael Brown wasn’t any such “gentle giant” but was, instead, a man who had committed a strong-arm robbery then attacked the police officer who eventually killed him. As noted previously, Martin continued to try and bash Zimmerman’s head into the sidewalk, which could have killed him, forcing Zimmerman to fire.


Of the three named, only Botham Jean was apparently an innocent man who was killed without cause…

…and his killer was recently convicted of murder as well.

Some narrative. Of course, as noted in the quote, this isn’t just about his victims’ cases.

Rather, he said, it is a call to acknowledge “how this legalized genocide is possible through a conspiracy of laws, policing, and the governance of the institutions that exist in America.”

“Remember, no moral society will accept horrific killings of innocent people unless it is somehow justified as rational,” he writes in the book, where he makes a case to charge genocide just as activists did in a 1951 petition to the United Nations.

Q: Why do you say there is a conspiracy between laws, the police and the courts?

A: The legislative, executive and judicial branches are all conspiring in this genocidal situation of black people and brown people and disenfranchised people, the LGBTQ community and other marginalized groups. The judiciary is supposed to be the safeguard, the last refuge against injustice. But they are the very catalyst that propagates injustice.

Stand Your Ground laws allow a person to kill anyone they feel may be a threat. When Obama tried to levy fines against companies that were polluting in poor communities, the courts struck them down. The book tells of a poor black woman who pleaded guilty to income tax fraud of $60,000. She was jailed  and later beaten to death by a prison guard. But when the big banks were found guilty of fraud that led to the mortgage crisis in 2008, they appealed their fine, and had their convictions overturned by the courts.


I’m still trying to figure out how a poor black woman was guilty of tax fraud to the tune of $60,000.

Anyway, let’s be honest, there were a lot of people who were penalized far more harshly than the big banks were in 2008. It wasn’t racial, it was a non-racial travesty.

However, Crump completely mischaracterizes “Stand Your Ground” laws, as per usual with his crowd.

The law doesn’t make it legal to kill anyone you feel is a threat. It simply doesn’t. Otherwise, any woman who feels some guy is following them on a dark street would be justified in simply shooting them. That’s not the case by any stretch of the imagination.

For Stand Your Ground to come into play, an individual has to have a legitimate fear of serious physical harm, either against themselves or another person. In other words, you can’t just feel threatened, you have to have a reason that holds up to the “reasonable man” standard. Would a reasonable individual have felt their life was in danger?

You know, for example, having your head caved in by some punk slamming it against the sidewalk.

But Crump, as an attorney, should know all of this. That means he either sucks at his profession or he’s a professional liar. I say professional because he’s getting well-paid for his lies.


Yet there will be absolutely no pushback from the media as he pushes his book, and we all know it.

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