Gun Found On Paroled Gang Member In Another CA Gun Control Failure

Over and over again, we hear how gun control works. Someone will cook up some cherry-picked statistic and use that as unequivocal “proof” that gun control works, so we should all give up our sacred and constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms.


Far too many of us see through this BS for their liking. We don’t just see through it; we fight back against their efforts. We point out time and time again how gun control doesn’t work, a fact they refuse to listen to.

But, if gun control works, then how did this happen?

Officers conducted a parole search and found [Eddie] Martinez had a loaded .45-caliber semiautomatic handgun that was unregistered, according to police. As a convicted felon, Martinez is prohibited from having guns. He was arrested on suspicion of multiple firearms violations, authorities said.


Clearly a master criminal.

The thing is, this is what’s typical. A convicted felon who lives in the most gun-controlled state in the nation had no problem getting a firearm. There’s nothing being discussed seriously at the federal level that California doesn’t already have except maybe for a mandatory confiscation scheme like that proposed by presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke.

Despite all those laws, all that regulation and all the difficulties law-abiding citizens have in obtaining firearms–particularly semi-automatic handguns which must come from an ever-dwindling list of approved guns–a convicted felon still on parole was able to obtain a firearm.

Welp. That sold me on gun control, let me tell ya!

This is the problem with gun control. It has never prevented criminals from being armed. At most, it slows them down for half a heartbeat, if that.


Instead, all those rules in place meant to keep people like Martinez from being armed only work against the law-abiding Californians who represent no threat to anyone so long as they’re not threatened. Those are the folks who can only buy approved handguns from a certain list, who must subject themselves to every manner of inconvenience just to purchase a gun in the first place, only to have to jump through more hoops in hopes that they might be allowed to carry their firearm, and still face having those rights curtailed because of the actions of another.

Meanwhile, the bad guys keep on getting guns.

Some will continue to argue that the problem is that other states don’t have gun laws like California’s, but guns will flow to wherever they are needed from wherever they can be obtained. If every state in the country adopted California-style gun control overnight, bad guys would still get guns.

The only difference, as per usual, is that the good guys everywhere else would have issues becoming armed. They’d be left defenseless before the proverbial hordes that would seek to take advantage of a more or less disarmed society.

Hard. Pass.

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