Trump Vows Concrete Steps On Violent Crime

While mass shootings garner a lot of press, they really only represent a fraction of a percent of the total amount of violent crime in this country. The real issue is the day-to-day violence that plagues the streets of our largest cities.

On Monday, the media latched onto President Trump’s comments about Chicago’s police chief–comment that weren’t exactly wrong, either–but they tended to gloss over some concrete steps proposed by the president as well.

Attorney General William Barr will soon reveal a new initiative to fight violent crime, President Donald Trump said at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Chicago on Oct. 28.

The initiative will be “targeting gangs and drug traffickers in high-crime cities and dangerous rural areas,” and Barr will announce it in “coming weeks,” Trump said.

“Let’s call it The Surge.”

During the conference, Trump also announced an executive order to establish a new commission on law enforcement and administration of justice.

Among other tasks, the commission will develop recommendations on how to deal with problems “that influence crime and strain criminal justice resources,” such as homelessness, substance abuse, and mental illness, the order states.

“This includes supporting the ability of law enforcement officers to ensure troubled individuals receive the mental care they need,” Trump said.

In other words, the president is looking at combating the very roots of violence itself during a speech when he told the chiefs rather bluntly that he wasn’t interested in new gun control measures.

This is important. After all, a lack of weapons won’t make a violent thug less inclined to commit acts of violence. Look at what happened in London, after all. They managed to make a dent in guns and what happened? Criminals started using knives, so they started restricting those as well. Meanwhile, the law-abiding citizens are still feeling the brunt of these measures.

The criminals, not so much. They’re free to continue doing what they’ve been doing.

What President Trump is proposing would be to not just crack down on them through law enforcement, but also work towards undermining some of the underlying causes that may lead to crime. Further, he’s not just slinging platitudes, but looking to create a commission that will look for proven strategies that can significantly reduce violence.

That is huge.

For Second Amendment supporters, this is an incredible opportunity. Should the president be successful, it will not just save countless lives, but it will also reduce the continued threat to our gun rights. After all, continued drops in violent crime will make it more difficult to justify gun control, especially when those drops are happening without any real changes in the gun laws.

A commission looking at ways to undermine violence before it can start will also create plenty of other benefits for those affected. Mental health treatment can not just reduce violence–potentially even mass shootings–but also help boost the economy as some of these folks are now able to be contributing members of society. Reformed drug addicts can go back to their lives and help raise their children, thereby reducing the chances of them becoming a drain on society.

It’s a serious win for everyone.