When Guns Are Outlawed, The Outlaws Will Still Have Guns

All over the world, in nations with far stricter gun control rules than the United States, criminals have guns. In some cases, like Mexico, we get blamed for it. In others, there’s no way we’re at fault. Yet they still have guns.


Over at The Firearms Blog, they have an interesting post up from Friday. In it, they look at guns manufactured by the criminals themselves.

Continuing from Part 1 of Underground Arms Watch, below are several more notable examples of criminally produced firearms seized worldwide by police and security services in recent months.

Mock M4

A 9mm SMG seized in Espírito Santo, Brazil. Cosmetically It has likely been combined with airsoft M4 parts and furniture, though internally retains a simple open bolt blow-back operation.

I’m not going to grab their pics because, well, they’re not mine to grab.

Instead, I’m going to encourage you to head over there and look at the weapons in question. They range from slam-fire shotguns to P.A. Luty’s submachinegun to a homebuilt .50 rifle. Plenty of ways to ruin a good guy’s day.

We don’t see nearly so many of these in the United States, but there’s a reason for that.

You see, illegal guns are like water. They follow the path of least resistance. In the United States, that means they steal guns from law-abiding citizens and sell them on the black market. In Mexico, they buy them in the U.S. and drive them across the border.

In other places, though, the past of least resistance is to either modify a non-functioning weapon, as some do in the U.K., or build them outright from scratch like many of these weapons were.

That’s going to happen because criminals will always have access to guns. They’ll always find them or build them. The cat is long since out of the bag on this one and there’s no going back. We’re not about to make guns disappear no matter how much some people might like that idea. As a result, criminals will always get their guns no matter what.


Who doesn’t have guns in these other countries, though? Who?

That would be the law-abiding citizens, most of whom can’t jump through all the hoops and fees associated with gun ownership. Even if they did, they’d likely be forced to keep the weapons off-site at a gun club or hunting club as Beto O’Rourke would prefer here in the United States, so they wouldn’t be much use for self-defense.

If American anti-gunners got their fondest wish and completely disarmed the citizenry, they wouldn’t escape the horrors of gun violence. Even if they took every gun off the streets today, it would only be a matter of time before the bad guys started making guns all over again. They’d build them and shoot them just like they always have and innocent people would pay the price.

Like the old saying says, if guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

The list over at The Firearms Blog is just illustrative of just how common this is internationally. Don’t think for an instant that the U.S. will escape it.

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