CA Officials Call For More Gun Control In Wake Of Halloween Shooting

There are a few things that are as predictable as they get. We know the sun will rise tomorrow, it’ll set this afternoon, and California officials are going to look for any opportunity to push for gun control. It’s a universal constant right up there with stupidity. It’s pretty closely related as well.

That’s especially true after any kind of tragedy, such as the shooting in Orinda, California at a Halloween party.

Sure as the good Lord made little green apples, California officials start going on about gun control.

In the 36 hours after five people were killed and several injured in a chaotic Halloween party shooting at a short term rental mansion here, elected officials across the state have publicly offered condolences and calls for legislative action.

Twelve hours after the shooting, Gov. Gavin Newsom released a statement on Twitter calling for “commonsense gun reforms.” Three weeks ago, Newsom signed 15 gun control bills into law, including age restrictions on firearm sales, and limiting the amount of semiautomatic rifles a person can buy to one per month.

Newsom was far from the only California official to prattle on about the need for still more gun control. Also joining was presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris.

However, what none of them seem to want to bring up is that California is the most gun controlled state in the nation.

You see, right now, details are still kind of sketchy. I haven’t been able to find any information on what the firearm used was, for example. Now, it’s quite possible that Newsom and Harris, among others, are privy to this information while the general public isn’t, but it’s also possible that no one is really sure what the weapon was.

That information matters if we’re going to hold a debate about whether more gun control laws need to be passed. After all, Newsom just signed 15 gun control bills into law less than a month ago. If more gun control were the answer, then shouldn’t those laws have stopped this attack from happening?

Clearly, though, they didn’t work. As per usual.

Newsom and people like him will continue to use any opportunity to demand new gun control laws, often before we even have all the facts in. What gun laws does he think we need now? His state has almost all of them up for discussion and look at what happened just the same. Another mass shooting in California.

The problem isn’t access to guns. The problem is we have far too many people with absolutely no respect for human life. That’s a cultural problem, a problem that we need to identify and address well before it gets to the point of someone picking out a weapon. A gun isn’t needed if you’re going to plow into a crowd with a van. It’s not needed if you’re going to stab a bunch of kids to death. There are plenty of ways to kill without a gun.

If you address the problem at the source, you make it so these people aren’t a threat regardless of the tools they opt to use.

Just don’t expect to see Gavin Newsom pushing for that any time soon.