Former Police Officer Vows What Many Of Us Feel, Gains Spotlight

“I will not comply.”

Those four words are deep in the heart of many gun-rights advocates, especially when we start talking about things like gun confiscation and mandatory turn-ins of firearms or accessories. We’re a fairly contentious lot, after all, and so many of us have maintained that we will not comply with what are unjust and unconstitutional laws.

Yet that belief hasn’t put most of us in the national spotlight.

For one former Oklahoma police officer, though, it did.

It was four words that pushed former Tulsa Police Officer Dianna Muller into the national spotlight.

“Do I become a felon or do I comply? Like that gentleman that just got escorted out, I will not comply,” testified Muller, in front of a congressional panel on gun control.

“In that whole testimony, was ‘I will not comply,’ as powerful for you as it came across?” asked Channel 8’s Maureen Wurtz.

“That was a powerful statement for sure. It was not in the script,” said Muller.

It may have been unscripted, but it was powerful. Muller’s vow to break any new law that would ban assault weapons directly wasn’t just heard by folks at the hearing, but all over the country.

“We are law-abiding, responsible gun owners,” Muller testified. “Please don’t legislate the 150 million people just like me into being criminals.”

“This was not on my radar; this was not something I had planned to do,” said Muller. “I say I was an ‘accidental advocate’ just because I was becoming more aware, and the language I was hearing was concerning me.”

Before she was called to Capitol Hill, Muller spent 22 years on the streets as a Tulsa police officer. She worked in various units like narcotics, gangs, and street crimes.

Muller isn’t the only person to make such a vow, of course. I swore the same thing when Stacey Abrams pledged to ban AR-15s in the state of Georgia. The difference is, Muller said it before Congress, a defiant stand in the face of those who would seek to oppress us.

And make no mistake, banning AR-15s with any of the proposals that have been talked about lately would most definitely be oppression.

Muller’s stand took guts–after all, she basically told everyone that she’d still have guns after they were banned, putting a target on herself should a ban take place–but there’s also something in how it happened that really speaks to many people.

As she noted, she didn’t plan to say any such thing. It wasn’t in her script, as she said. She said it anyway.

That’s probably because it was from the heart, something she felt compelled to say at that moment because it needed to be said. She didn’t just speak for herself, but for millions of other Americans. She spoke for me, for you, and for countless others who won’t have an opportunity to speak for themselves.

“I will not comply.”

Four simple words that we should all remember and hold close to our hearts. Some will, of course, but many others won’t. We will stand, united.

It’s something anti-gun lawmakers need to keep in mind.

Oct 24, 2021 2:30 PM ET