Hong Kong Protestors Reportedly Using Arrows When They Need Guns

Hong Kong Protestors Reportedly Using Arrows When They Need Guns

Things are getting kind of sporty in Hong Kong.

The Chinese city isn’t particularly Chinese, which is to be expected. After being leased by England for ages, the city has a decidedly Western flavor. That’s especially true when it comes to freedom.


A while back, I noted that some of the Hong Kong protestors were espousing support for the Second Amendment. They are more than willing to fight for their freedom, but they’re unable to do so because they’ve been disarmed as a people. They don’t have the means to fight back.

Well, they don’t have an effective means, anyway. They’re fighting back, though. They’re just using what they have.

Hong Kong protesters have fired flaming arrows in clashes with police and occupied the city centre for a third day running today in the latest escalation after months of violence.

Protesters armed with bows and arrows launched their fiery projectiles on the Chinese University of Hong Kong campus this morning and set fire to a metro train nearby.

Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets in clashes which continued overnight and have prompted dozens of students to flee to mainland China.

In Hong Kong’s financial centre, protesters stepped up their ‘blossom everywhere’ campaign of road blocks and vandalism by shutting down roads and rail links for the third day running.

Yesterday police said Hong Kong was on the ‘brink of total breakdown’ after a violent week in which a protester has been shot, a pregnant woman pepper-sprayed in the face and another man set on fire by activists.

Look, I don’t support setting people on fire, for the most part, but I don’t know the whole story on that one either.

What I do know, though, is that the people of Hong Kong want to fight. They want to rid themselves of the yoke of tyranny. They just can’t. They can’t because the most effective weapon they have are flaming arrows.


What they need are guns.

Lots and lots of guns.

While anti-gunners roll their eyes at what I’m about to say, it’s truth that every tyrant in history has been in favor of strict gun control. Not everyone who favors gun control wants to be a genocidal madman or anything, but genocidal madmen never favor an armed populace. A people with the means to defend themselves will defend themselves.

They would potentially end the tyranny not just in Hong Kong, but in China as a whole.

“Don’t be stupid. Even if they had your beloved AR-15s, they couldn’t defeat tanks with them,” an anti-gunner might say. Actually, anti-gunners have said pretty much this exact thing, but anyway…

My answer to this is simple. You don’t finish the war with just those weapons, you use them to help you acquire more and more weapons, more powerful weapons. You use them to acquire the means to kill tanks. You can use them to get tanks, if you’re clever, and these guys in Hong Kong are clever.

They need guns.

They’re also why I won’t be giving up mine so long as my body temperature isn’t approaching the same temp as my surroundings.

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