If Gun Control Works, Then Please Explain This Case From North Ireland

North Ireland has been in varying degrees of disarray for more than a century. While it’s filled with good people, much like anywhere else, it also has its rowdy component as well. Their dangerous crowd is known for doing things like blowing up cars and things of that sort.


However, the entire island, both North Ireland and Ireland itself, are nations under strict gun control. Further, they’re on an island cut off from everywhere else except via ferry from the UK or by plane. With the UK also having strict gun control, they aren’t just coming across in the ferry.

Yet a recent bust shows just how useless those gun control laws actually are.

Guns including an AR-15 assault rifle have been intercepted on their way to Northern Ireland.

A joint operation involving the National Crime Agency and the PSNI swung into action after Border Force officers stopped the weapons haul at a parcel hub in England.

And in a follow-up raid, in Newtownards, Co Down , more weapons were found. In total, the NCA says, 24 guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been seized.

They say the “huge firearms and ammunition haul” was uncovered after an “investigation commenced following the interception of an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and two handguns by Border Force officers at an international parcel hub in the Midlands earlier this month”.

Now, let’s keep in mind that the AR-15 is an American design. I don’t know any European makers for the weapon off the top of my head and, even if there are some, the flow of such weapons are tightly controlled.

Yet if gun control worked as advertised, this simply couldn’t happen, now could it?

Of course, gun control doesn’t work. It merely limits the law-abiding and their access to firearms. It doesn’t actually stop those with no respect for the law. They’ll keep doing whatever they want with no regard for the rules the rest of us have to follow.


Someone, somewhere, sent an AR-15 into North Ireland, something that should be virtually impossible to do and actually is legally. For the criminals, though, it’s just an inconvenience.

Meanwhile, good people in Northern Ireland may find themselves facing armed attackers with absolutely no ability to defend themselves because their betters have so decreed that the plebes can’t be trusted with guns. The criminals will continue to scoff at the law.

Time and time again, we watch this play out. We see criminals arm themselves while the law-abiding are left defenseless. This continues to be a problem and will until the powers that be wake up and understand that gun control is not the answer.

Gun rights are human rights, and the European leaders need to be reminded of that fact as well. Especially since so many people throughout the world reject that basic human right. Then again, we live in a world where even Americans are trying to reject fundamental rights like free speech and freedom of religion, so why should we be shocked when gun rights are also rejected?

The thing is, I can show you mountains of evidence that gun control doesn’t really work. Will any of them ever listen?

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