"Unbiased" CNN Only Has Gun Control Guest On After Shooting

MSNBC admits it’s biased toward the left. This, of course, surprises no one. Ultimately, though, no one cares. We know what we’re going to get from them and while many on the right dislike what they’re saying, they can at least accept that they’re simply staying on-brand.


Conversely, Fox News seems to have a more conservative bias.

Now, ideally, the actual news reporting from both would be unbiased and balanced, we at least understand the potential for bias along the chain of command and can adjust our expectations accordingly.

CNN, on the other hand, maintains the charade that they’re actually a neutral, unbiased news agency dedicated only toward the truth. They want us to believe they have no personal agenda.

Yet they also have an anti-gunner as the only guest following Santa Clarita.

In their first show after the Santa Clarita school shooting, the CNN morning team on New Day handled the story in their typical fashion of only having guests who support more gun control and who falsely portray Republicans as having no proposals for how to lessen mass shootings.

The most noteworthy segment came at 7:25 a.m. Eastern and featured co-host Alisyn Camerota speaking with Florida Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch while giving little pushback to his liberal take on the issue. She began by suggesting that President Donald Trump has not done enough to prevent school shootings:

And after Parkland, I know that you were praying, as were so many people, that Congress would take some action. And after Parkland, President Trump vowed to help fix this. In fact, he told Parkland parents in a meeting at the White House that he would try to fix this. So what has happened to — what has the Trump administration done to try to solve the school shooting epidemic?

Not mentioned was that the administration not only banned bump stocks, but also set up a school safety commission that came out in favor of pushing for more armed staff in schools, and the end of a Barack Obama-era directive that discouraged schools from prosecuting dangerous students.


Camerota did, eventually, acknowledge that 16-year-olds aren’t allowed to buy guns anywhere, so the anti-gun proposals she was pushing for and that Deutch was backing likely wouldn’t have done jack about Santa Clarita.

Which, of course, it wouldn’t.

What happened in Santa Clarita is, of course, a tragedy, but it’s also evidence that gun control cannot and will not stop these kinds of senseless acts from taking place. Unfortunately, no one who only watches CNN will understand that since the network doesn’t seem interested in entertaining alternate views.

That’s a shame because there are real problems out there that require real solutions. We can work together to come up with those solutions, but not if one side seems dedicated to lying to the American people. Those who don’t know better look to CNN for unbiased reporting and what they get is just as much of a slant as they’d get from MSNBC. They get the wrong picture. They don’t hear the counter-arguments.

And that’s a problem.

If only CNN would be as unbiased as they claim to be or, at the very least, just give it a good try. Then, maybe the American people would hear both sides of the argument.


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