As Situation Intensifies In Hong Kong, I'm More Thankful For Second Amendment

If you focus much of your attention on the mainstream media, you may not really know what’s going on in Hong Kong. CNN, as of this writing, had a grand total of one story on their front page about the situation there. Just one.

However, things have gotten ugly there. This report from Michael Yon over on his Facebook page should encapsulate much of what’s going on pretty well.


Hong Kong: the morning after — many casualties and prisoners on Nathan Road. 70 or so. Someone said 68 but we must count what I and Eric caught on video. Might be more. Hong Kong police withheld medical care to severely wounded women (at least one with visible compound fracture) for at least five hours. Horrific human rights abuse. We got on video. Horrified. It will make you very, very angry.

Posted by Michael Yon on Monday, November 18, 2019

In CNN’s lone report, they offer up this regarding the standoff at the city’s Polytechnic University, which is currently serving as ground zero for a siege that seems likely to turn deadly:

The mood on the campus was somber Tuesday, but far less tense, as a sense of defeat spread among those remaining. Throughout the morning, dozens of protesters surrendered to police, several in tears, as others vowed to fight on but with little idea of how to do so.

I can’t really describe how I’m feeling right now. Mostly, though, I remember watching the Tiananmen Square protests 30 years ago. Then, I felt optimistic, that maybe China would soon be free. That feeling was crushed by the tanks that rumbled through the square, killing any who dared oppose the oppressive regime.

Today, I can’t feel that optimism because I don’t believe China will tolerate this kind of dissent.

What’s more, though, is that there are Americans who like that China is able to maintain that degree of control. They want the American government to have that degree of control. They’ll couch it behind terms like “social justice” or “climate change” or whatever topic they think will keep people afraid of speaking out, but they’ll try to get that very same control here in the United States.

But if I’m heartened by anything, it’s that so many are trying to stand against China in Hong Kong. They’re using what weapons are available to them and they’ve done brilliantly with them. The problem? They’ll never be brilliant enough with medieval warfare to withstand a modern army. What they need are guns.

I’m not going to lie, I want them to have guns. I want to send them. I’d be willing to risk time in a Chinese prison for the opportunity to arm these brave souls so they could take the fight to the oppressive Chinese regime. I just don’t have those kinds of resources.

What I can do, though, is work to make sure that we maintain our access to firearms.

No, I don’t see the government going full-China in the near future without something weird happening. Even if a Democrat does win next November, they still would be somewhat restrained in what they would be able to do. They wouldn’t be able to pull this kind of thing, for example. There’s plenty they could do that would likely spark off fighting, mind you, I just don’t think it would get to this extreme.

Part of why it won’t, though, is because we have guns. Those guns–a gun for every man, woman, and child alive in the United States right now and then some–makes damn sure that our fearless leaders know they can’t go down that road. If they start talking about it, like Rep. Eric Swalwell or Beto O’Rourke, we remind them that we’re willing to fight.

In Hong Kong, they’re willing to fight as well. They just lack the effective means to do so.

That’s a damn shame, too. What I’d give to transport those brave, freedom-loving souls to the United States. I’d welcome them here with open arms. I think they’d love it here and the first thing I’d do once their citizenship is confirmed is to take them to buy their first gun, a tool they could use to make sure their new home doesn’t go as tyrannical as their old one.

Our Second Amendment stands tall as a shield against that sort of thing. It’s vital that we protect it here.

I’ve noted before that they want a Second Amendment of their own. Frankly, as people are being beaten and arrested–which may lead to even worse treatment–we owe it to them to at least make damn sure our bulwark against tyranny remains in place and strong.