Cow Palace Board Votes To Uphold Gun Show Ban

Over and over again, we’re told the problem with guns isn’t so much about law-abiding gun owners but that bad people do bad things with firearms. The push for gun control isn’t about us, they try to claim, but really all about just how to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and anyone else who shouldn’t have such things.


That’s what they try to tell us, anyway.

However, just outside of San Francisco, the Cow Palace has voted to uphold their ban on gun shows on their property.

Gun shows will continue to be banned from taking place at the Cow Palace in Daly City, the Cow Palace Board of Directors voted Tuesday.

The board first voted to ban the shows from happening at the fairground back in April in response to a growing movement to stop them.

Following Tuesday’s vote by the Cow Palace board, Wiener, Ting and State Treasurer Fiona Ma issued a joint statement. “We commend and thank the Cow Palace Board of Directors for listening to the local community and standing up to the gun lobby. In the last month alone communities throughout California have experienced multiple mass shootings. Allowing more guns to flood our neighborhoods will result in more injuries, deaths, and trauma for our children,” they said.

Of course, California has universal background checks, which means no firearm sales at all are taking place at gun shows without a NICS check taking place, so just how is that going to result in more “injuries, deaths, and trauma for our children?”


That’s easy. It won’t.

But what this does mark is a continuation of just what anti-gunners in California, and the rest of the nation, are pushing for. That’s an end to lawful gun sales completely.

What the statement quoted above fails to note is how California has reams of gun control laws. None of them stopped a damn thing from happening in California. They have more gun control than would ever be tolerated at the federal level as things currently stand, including a number of measures being challenged in court on a constitutional basis, and yet they had three mass shootings over three days.

Yeah, that gun control is working greeeeaaaaaatttt!

Criminals continue to get guns in California as well. We’ve seen it over and over again. The only people being negatively impacted are law-abiding citizens.

I guess they think this is what happens:

Which, of course, it’s not. That’s kind of the point of the video after all. Criminals don’t obey laws. By definition, they don’t.

Yet law-abiding citizens who want to go to a gun show in California are struggling as these shows have been demonized and shut down for no good reason. These are the same people who look at us and wonder why we aren’t willing to compromise.


This. This right here is why.

It’s because we know you won’t stop until you shut down every avenue we have to purchase firearms and network with likeminded people. Any claims to the contrary are a lie and we all know it.

The Cow Palace is state property, thus it’s owned by the people. That includes the people who want to attend these shows. They have a right to have their desires taken into account.

Those that don’t want to go are free to stay home, as with any other event they’re not interested in, but to refuse to allow events that people want? That needs to end.


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