Iowa Man Illustrates How Not To Be A Gun Owner At Strip Club

Guys have been known to do some really stupid stuff for strippers. Among the dumbest I’ve heard is marrying them, a fairly common thing among junior enlisted in the military it seems.


However, 18- and 19-year-old kids can be forgiven for losing their minds over a set of boobs. Grown men, at least in theory, should know better. They should know well enough to not end up as the latest example of how not to be a gun owner, that’s for sure.

It seems one Iowa man didn’t get the memo.

A 67-year-old Iowa man opened fire outside a strip club after his debit card was rejected following a lap dance, according to authorities.

James Wells fled following Friday night’s incident at the Porsches Theater of the Arts in Waterloo and was busted by police on the University of Northern Iowa campus following a short chase and struggle.

It is believed that Wells became agitated at around 11 p.m. after his card was declined, according to court records obtained by the Courier. He pulled out a gun in the parking lot and shot five times at vehicles, according to the newspaper.

Wells then ran. When caught, he resisted arrest and managed to injure an officer’s hand in the struggle.

Holy crap on a cracker.

I looked, though. Assuming Wells had a carry permit, it looks like he didn’t break the law by carrying a firearm into the strip club. Iowa law allows carrying into places that serve alcohol, which I assume this place did. Of course, if they had it posted as being off-limits to guns, all bets are off.

Speaking of bets, how many people want to bet that if this place wasn’t already a gun-free zone, it will be now?


You’d think that by the age of 67, someone would be past all this foolishness over a stripper. Or, more importantly, a lap dance.


Regardless, this is the exact wrong thing to do if you’re a gun owner. I don’t care about carrying the firearm into a strip club so long as it’s legal to do so. That said, if you’ve got so much of a temper that you’re going to open fire because your card was declined, maybe you should rethink carrying at all. Obviously it’s your right to do so, but if you have a bad temperament for it, there’s no dishonor in acknowledging that fact.

What Wells is accused of doing is something that simply cannot be excused. Frankly, I’d love to see someone give it a sincere effort. I’m not having the best of weeks and I could use a good joke to cheer me up. That’s all any defense of this foolishness would be.

Folks, we’re in a tough time. Gun rights are under assault like never before. The last thing we need are stories like this that will probably be shared on social media by someone quipping, “Law-abiding gun owners, huh?”

Tell me, how does that help us?

It’s up to us to police our own and to try to make damn sure this doesn’t happen. If it does, we need to make damn sure people know we don’t approve.

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