Former Big Leaguer Stirs Up Anti-Gunners Over Social Media Post

Former Big Leaguer Stirs Up Anti-Gunners Over Social Media Post

Presidential elections are always important, but some years seem a lot more important than others. The 2020 elections are at that ultra-important end of the scale, which isn’t surprising. You have a polarizing president set to face off against one of any number of people who are equally polarizing, just from a different direction.


What happens the day after the election, though?

Regardless of who wins, some believe there will be violence. They think things will get ugly either way. Others think it may not happen overnight, but a win by some Democrats could lead us into a situation where violence becomes the norm.

That’s why former Major League Baseball player Aubrey Huff said he’s teaching his kids to shoot.

Former big leaguer Aubrey Huff’s fear of what he perceives to be socialism caused another social media uproar this week.

The outspoken and unapologetic President Trump supporter tweeted Tuesday morning that he’s teaching his children to shoot guns in case Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders defeats Trump in the 2020 election. Huff earlier in the week also made headlines for complaining about divorce laws and his alimony payments.

“Getting my boys trained up on how to use a gun in the unlikely event @BernieSanders beats @realDonaldTrump in 2020,” Huff tweeted alongside a photo of him holding a hole-ridden gun range target. “In which case knowing how to effectively use a gun under socialism will be a must.”

The 42-year-old Huff, who won two World Series titles with the San Francisco Giants in a 13-year MLB career, received more than 27,000 replies and barely 1,000 retweets to his heavily ratioed missive, including rebukes from celebrities such as Oscar winner Patricia Arquette.


It’s important to note that Huff isn’t wrong to make sure his kids know how to shoot. While this isn’t the place to debate the ills of socialism–and frankly, who has the time to write all of them? I’m going to need to write about other stuff at some point this week–the truth is that there is any number of policy positions that a president could make that might lead to someone needing to know how to use a firearm.

As Huff pointed out:

When asked by another Twitter user “who exactly (he is) training to shoot,” Huff replied: “Ummmm crazy people rioting and trying to break into my house for food or shelter. And yes that includes Americans. And they aren’t fellow Americans if they are breaking into my house and trying to harm my family dumb-ss.”

He’s not wrong to do so, especially since we may well see people rioting even if Trump wins. I mean, why should this election be any different than the last one the president won?

Of course, the New York Post tried to attack Huff on the grounds that he’d previously taken issue with athletes taking political stances. What they failed to note, though, is that Huff is no longer a professional athlete. He’s a private citizen who isn’t interjecting his politics into sports. He’s stating his opinion as a private citizen.


Big difference.

Regardless, Huff teaching his kids to shoot is no one’s business but his own. The fact that people were so triggered by it illustrates that this nation is on its decline.

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