Anti-Gun Hysteria Still Surrounds SCOTUS Case

Anti-Gun Hysteria Still Surrounds SCOTUS Case

The Supreme Court is hearing a case related to gun control. That fact is very generalized and overstates what the case is about. The law in question restricted a person’s ability to take their lawfully-owned firearm outside of New York City, except to either a gun range out of town, to a shooting competition, or a home elsewhere in the state. That was a huge problem and a colossally stupid idea in the first place.

Now, the Court is hearing arguments on the case.

That’s more than enough to trigger anti-gunners to completely lose their crap.

Take, for example, this story.

In case you missed it, the Supreme Court is hearing a case to expand gun rights. Yep, you read that right. The majority conservative court might make it easier to have gun in a time when the majority of Americans are asking for more gun control.

The writer, an individual by the name of Parker Riley–yes, I know, it sounds made up, but that’s the byline–seems to have an issue with this.

First, I’m not convinced that the majority of Americans are asking for more gun control. There are reasons to question those polls, after all. However, let’s say, for the sake of argument, that the polls are 100 percent accurate.

So what?

The case the Court is hearing has no bearing on how it “might make it easier to have a gun.” It’s not about who can buy or sell firearms or what kind of firearms people can purchase. The case is about whether you can transport your lawfully-owned firearm from one place to another place where you can lawfully possess that very same firearm.

New York City barred people from transporting their guns out of the city for any reason. These were lawfully owned guns that couldn’t be taken elsewhere in the same state legally.

How in the hell is that about making it “easier to have a gun”?

Yet that’s not what’s important. Not to Riley.

No, what’s important here is to demonize anything that might benefit law-abiding citizens and their right to keep and bear arms. This matter was so inconsequential that New York City changed the law prior to the Court hearing arguments. Attorneys for the city admitted that the law didn’t benefit public safety at all.

So why the hysteria? What possible reason is there for this kind of reaction from people like Riley?

In fairness, this isn’t about guns. It’s an excuse for Riley and the folks at News One to attack Justice Clarence Thomas for being the wrong king of black man. He doesn’t toe the liberal line, so he needs to be vilified. That appears to be Riley’s whole schtick. Guns are, at least in part, an excuse.

For others in the media, though, the hysteria is real and less about racial expectations and more with outright fearmongering.

Such is life in 2019, apparently.

As we come to the end of the year, don’t expect 2020 to be any better.