Buffalo, NY Incident Illustrates Why Gun Control Will Never Be Sufficent

Gun control does not work.

Time and time again, we continue to illustrate that gun control doesn’t work. However, anti-gunners continue to push for it just the same. They keep clamoring for whatever their favorite gun grab is, but the truth is, it’ll never be enough.


The reason for that is because of something illustrated by a case in Buffalo, NY.

A man was arrested on six charges early Wednesday morning after he allegedly assaulted a person and stole two guns before he was engaged in a 10-hour standoff with law enforcement, according to the Orleans County Sheriff’s Office.

Edward R. Loper, 31, was arrested for third-degree assault, second-degree menacing, second-degree robbery, second-degree burglary, fourth-degree grand larceny and criminal possession of a weapon at 2:48 a.m. Wednesday, police said, after a standoff ended peacefully in the Town of Ridgeway.

The incident began at about 4:45 p.m. Tuesday at a residence on Knowlesville Road when deputies said they were dispatched due to a disturbance in progress. Deputies said that the first units on the scene found a large crowd outside the residence and learned that a person had been assaulted and that a shotgun and a mini-14 rifle, which is a lightweight semi-automatic rifle, had been stolen.

Deputies said Loper threatened to kill the people who were on his front yard before going back inside the residence.

Now, Loper was arrested and that’s good. He clearly appears to be a threat to the public.


However, notice that he stole his guns.

You see, that’s how most guns end up in criminal hands. Either they steal them or they buy guns from someone who stole them. Regardless, most weapons aren’t obtained in a way that the law can really stop.

Unless, of course, you stop all weapon sales.

The truth of the matter is that so long as the average American citizen can get a gun, criminals will continue to try and steal them. This will result in guns on the street and in criminal hands. That will, of course, be used to justify still more gun control because we just have to “do something.”

Over and over again, the same tired old tune will play out, but in the end, nothing will satisfy them.

They’ll continue to push until we’re all disarmed.

Then, maybe, over time we’ll see fewer guns in criminal hands. They’ll never go away, though. Even England with all its geographical advantages can’t keep guns out of criminals’ hands. We don’t have the advantage of being on an island. Our bad guys will have more access to guns.

We, however, wouldn’t anymore.

It’s well past time for gun control advocates to wake up and recognize that the real problems in this country when it comes to the misuse of firearms stems from the individuals in question, not the weapons they may take up to commit their crimes. That’s why the UK is having a knife crime epidemic, even though banning guns was supposed to put an end to all of that kind of carnage.


The bad guys, by definition, won’t follow the laws.

And that’s also why we’re refusing to give up a single inch of ground. If there was a chance of ending violence with just one more law, a lot of gun owners would support it. We know better, though, so it’s not happening. We know that if we give up this ground now, we’ll have anti-gunners demanding more tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

They won’t be happy until they have them all…and even then they’ll clamor for more.

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