Georgetown Students Need Lesson In Constitution

Georgetown University is supposedly one of the better colleges in this country. It’s one of those schools that gets mentioned in someone’s resume as if it’s supposed to mean something to the rest of us, kind of like Harvard or Yale. As such, one who hasn’t been paying attention to the state of the American university would think that such a school would require intelligence.


However, when a group of students from this supposedly prestigious school is protesting for gun control outside of the Supreme Court…

Students from the Georgetown chapter of March for Our Lives joined hundreds of demonstrators outside the Supreme Court to advocate for gun control reform Dec. 2.

MFOL GU partnered with other gun control advocacy groups at the rally Monday, including Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence.

The lawsuit, pushed to the Supreme Court by the NRA, represents a desperate effort to prevent gun control legislation, according to Chris Stauffer (SFS ’22), co-chair of MFOL GU and co-state director of MFOL DC.

“The NRA knows that it can no longer beat the gun violence prevention movement at the ballot box — just look at the 2018 midterm elections — so it has turned to the courts as a last-ditch effort to protect the interests of the gun lobby,” Stauffer wrote in an email to The Hoya.

The rally Monday displayed solidarity among youth activists as they pushed for reform, Stauffer wrote.

“It was important for students to rally today to show the courts, and our country, that we are demanding change, and we will not stop until that happens,” Stauffer wrote.


It seems to me that Stauffer and his pals need a lesson on the Constitution, as well as what the Supreme Court looks at regarding the laws of this land.

The Court isn’t meant to be swayed by activists outside its walls. It’s not meant to be pushed one way or the other by the winds of public opinion. The Supreme Court is to decide cases based on its interpretation of the Constitution. That includes all of its Amendments.

That’s why justices are appointed to lifetime terms. Once they’re on the bench, they don’t leave unless they either want to leave or they die. That way, they don’t have to pay any attention to public opinion. They don’t have to give a damn what a bunch of kids from Georgetown have to say about anything.

One would think that by the time students get to Georgetown, they’d already know this.

Then again, one would apparently be quite wrong in that assumption.

Luckily, I find it doubtful that a group of college kids from anywhere are going to sway the Supreme Court with anything other than particularly well-reasoned legal arguments. College students are certainly capable of doing that, of course, but I’ll lay all kinds of money that these kids don’t have one. Instead, they’re screaming and demanding based on their feelings and little more.


The justices aren’t likely to listen. The few that might pay attention are already leaning in that direction anyway.

But hey, if they want to waste their time, so be it. Free speech is their right, after all. It protects their right to be idiots just as much as it protects my right to call them such.

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