CA Man Arrested For "Practicing" Mass Shooting, No Red Flag Law Needed

California is a state with a ton of gun control measures, laws we’re told are essential in preventing mass shootings. One of those is a red flag law. The state has had one for years, even though we can name a number of mass shootings it failed to prevent including Thousand Oaks, San Bernardino, and the Poway Synagogue shootings, just to name a few.


However, it seems California did manage to thwart a potential mass shooting recently.

California man has been arrested after allegedly posting a YouTube clip where he appeared to be practicing a mass shooting.

Steven Homoki was arrested on Thursday on suspicion of possession of an assault weapon, possession of a high capacity magazine and child endangerment.

The 30-year-old allegedly posted videos showing a series of different guns being pointed towards a hotel window in San Diego.

It should also be noted here that possession of those laws are illegal in California, as should be obvious to anyone with basic reading comprehension skills.

Yet those gun control laws didn’t stop him from having those weapons, now did they?

Moving on:

Police received a tip-off on Monday about the clips and stating Homoki had ‘gone off the deep end’, adding he had a ‘plan’ in place.

In the videos which appear to be shot on a body camera, a figure can be seen in the hotel room with several assault weapons, magazines and bullets, inducing a hand gun as well as a machine gun.

The suspect was staying at the Sofia Hotel, which sits across the street from the San Diego courthouse, according to his arrest warrant.

In the videos posted on September 17 and 18, the guns appeared to be loaded, then the camera operator seemed to crawl on a bullet-strewn floor, re-load the weapons, then point them at pedestrians from the window.

The video begins with an unloaded hand gun being pointed at the window and fired as someone walks past.


He continues along those lines for a bit with an “assault rifle” and even crawls around on the floor pretending he’s reloading magazines.

To call it disturbing would be an understatement.

Now, that said, he had everything he needed to carry out an attack. Why didn’t he? Who knows. What we do know, however, is that he certainly appeared to be practicing for a mass shooting.

That’s illegal and, because he was stupid enough to put it on YouTube, he’s now been arrested prior to anyone getting hurt. That’s a big win.

As a result, another arrest has been made in a potential mass shooting and the red flag law was nowhere to be seen. In fact, it’s almost like you don’t need red flag laws to stop mass shootings, that the practice of planning a mass shooting is already illegal or something. Wild, I know, but it sure looks that way.

The fact that this happened in California, though, is absolutely hilarious. All of the laws on their books to prevent this from happening, and none of their anti-gun measures apparently did a damn thing.


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