VA Democrats Want To Ban Carrying Gun In State Capitol Grounds

VA Democrats Want To Ban Carrying Gun In State Capitol Grounds

Quite often, gun control proposals are floated in response to a threat or event. For example, the push to raise the age limit for purchasing a long gun to 21 took hold after Parkland. Background checks really first became part of the debate following the assassination attempt on President Reagan. Things like that.

Of course, sometimes we get gun control proposals that have nothing to do with much of anything except people freaking out over nothing.

That latter camp is the driving force behind a push in Virginia to ban guns at the state capitol.

Gun control is expected to be one of the top agenda items for Democrats as they take control of the General Assembly next month. And, that could include a ban on guns in and around the Capitol.

Every year in February, Capitol Square is flooded with advocates for and against gun control. The opposing rallies are staggered on Martin Luthur King Day, one in the morning and then another in the afternoon. The pro-gun rally features advocates wearing their guns on their backs and their sides. But that might come to an end.

Democratic Senator Adam Ebbin of Alexandria has introduced a bill outlawing guns in Capitol Square.

“We have Capitol Square police officers, and people don’t need to arm themselves in Capitol Square,” Ebbin says. “They potentially risk more harm than good.”

Except for the fact that there’s never been a single incident that I can recall at these opposing rallies.

What’s really at play is Ebbin doesn’t like guns or gun owners, so he wants to make things more difficult for them. Further, I can’t help but assume a certain part of this is outright fear of gun owners in a state that is increasingly becoming more defiant on the Second Amendment issue.

Ebbin and his fellow travelers have failed to make a case for more gun control to a great many Virginians, and I think they know it. They know it because they haven’t even tried. They reached out to the Richmond crowd and the folks in the D.C. suburbs and didn’t worry about the rest of the state.

Now, they’re scared someone is going to hurt them.

For Sen. Ebbin, I have only this to say: If someone intends to harm you, you’re not going to pass enough laws to stop them from hurting you. If they want to hurt you badly enough, the only thing that will stop them is someone with a gun willing to hurt them first. The “good guy with a gun” so many anti-gunners consider a myth.

Laws will not protect people. Those inclined to commit evil will continue to find ways to commit evil.

Ebbin and his fellow Democrats simply want to feel safe, and that means endangering the safety of everyone they happen to disagree with that will come for the protest in February. After all, it’s funny how only the side he disagrees with will be impacted, despite the complete lack of violence.

Then again, sticking it to your enemies is an age-old political tactic.