Mexican Cop Busted For Role In Mormon Family's Murder

It wasn’t all that long ago when a Mormon family living in Mexico was brutally murdered by the Mexican drug cartels. That sparked a great deal of discussion about Mexican violence, what the United States should do about it, and whether Americans should even go to Mexico.

To be sure, the usual suspects blamed American guns for it, as is the way of their people.

These are people who quite often argue that we don’t need guns to protect ourselves, that’s what the police are for. Of course, the police didn’t do the Mormon family any good, now did they?

To make matters worse, though, is that an arrest has been made there…the arrest of a Mexican police chief.

In a shocking development in the hunt to locate those responsible for the massacre of nine U.S. citizens at the hands of suspected cartel gunmen, authorities arrested a Mexican police chief.

Federal authorities arrested Fidel Alejandro Villegas, the police chief of Janos, a small town in the state of Chihuahua, earlier this week, Mexico’s Public Security Ministry announced Friday. Villegas is suspected of not only being involved in local organized crime, but of also having a hand in the killings that took place in November.

The arrest confirms a longstanding criticism of the country’s law enforcement: that many are on cartels’ payroll.

“It’s common knowledge down here that the police work with the criminals,” Julián LeBarón, a relative of the victims, told The New York Times. “They have a monopoly on security and they get paid a wage for protection, and later we find out that they participate in the murder of women and children,” he continued. “These people take resources to protect us and they are murderers themselves.”

Of course, American anti-gunners are absolutely convinced that police here would do no such thing…

…at least, that’s what they think when they’re not at an anti-police protest somewhere. At that point, it’s totally different, I’m sure.

Here’s the problem with that line of thinking, though. Mexican police are corruptable because of a combination of factors, including low wages. However, power corrupts, so giving people the sole authority of carrying a gun is also likely to contribute as well.

As we’ve seen in American cities governed by strict gun control rules, American cops aren’t immune to corruption. Giving anyone power over others invites it, to be fair.

In Mexico, we now see that a career police officer may be responsible for the senseless murder of nine people as part of his sideline of working with the cartel. You’re an idiot if you can’t see how this kind of thing can happen here in the United States under a Mexican-style gun control scheme. That family was disarmed, powerless to resist the forces stacked against them. They had no means to protect themselves and, because of that, they died.

How are you supposed to believe the police are supposed to protect you when we have an example of how the police are directly responsible for a murder?

Anti-gunners don’t get the excuse of “well, this is Mexico,” either. After all, almost all of them have blasted law enforcement over things like Ferguson and similar cases where the police were accused of killing innocent people. If you believe that to have been the case, you can’t pretend Mexico is somehow different.

So tell me again why we should give up our guns and trust our safety to the police?