Hong Kong Gun Arrests And The Second Amendment

Hong Kong Gun Arrests And The Second Amendment

For weeks now, I’ve watched what has been going on in Hong Kong and hating that I could do so little to help. The freedom-loving people there are asking for nothing more than what is their due, yet the oppressive government is doing what oppressive governments do. It turned violent and an untold number of people have been hurt or even killed.


Meanwhile, China seeks to lecture us on human rights.

Regardless, though, a recent news report about gun arrests in Hong Kong caught my interest.

Hong Kong police arrested a couple after finding suspected guns and bullets at a flat in Sham Shum Po on Wednesday. Officers arrived at a flat at Lai Fu House, Lai Kok Estate, reported RTHK, after a report was received at around 11pm.

They found six suspected Glock pistols, four suspected revolvers, 86 rounds of bullets and a pair of handcuffs inside the flat.

Now, these could be fake guns or they may not be. However, this isn’t the only such arrest made recently.

Last month, police arrested a 19-year-old man in Tai Po after he allegedly fired a live round at officers intercepting him. A suspected pistol was found at the scene. Police then conducted a raid on another flat at Jade Plaza, backed by a court warrant, and discovered an AR-15 rifle, 211 bullets for the rifle and 44 hollow-point pistol rounds.

With that, I couldn’t help but wonder if citizens of Hong Kong are started to arm up as a means of revolting against the tyrannical local government and, by extension, mainland China.

However, that got me to thinking about here in the United States.

You see, these arrests are just for having these firearms. There, possession of a gun without government permission–permission they’ll never grant to someone likely to fight back against the government–is a crime. Just finding the gun is grounds to arrest you.

We don’t generally have that worry. I’ve got a whole slew of guns and if the police walked into my house right now, they wouldn’t do a thing to me regarding those guns. After all, it’s not illegal to exercise your Second Amendment rights in this country. You can have a gun and unless you’re one of a small handful of people, they can’t do anything to you because you have it.


In Hong Kong, people are fighting, scraping, battling for their freedom. They’re using whatever tools are available to them, no matter how archaic they might be. They’re resorting to arrows and trebuchets because they don’t have guns.

It’s why our own Second Amendment rights are so damn important. We have to fight to maintain them because we’ve seen what happens when governments take them away. From being arrested for making a dog do a Nazi salute to the mayhem on the streets of Hong Kong, we’ve seen governments become oppressive when the people are disarmed.

In Hong Kong, it looks like they might be changing that, though. Let’s hope a lot more than these handful are getting guns and are ready to fight for their freedom, though. They damn sure deserve it.

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