NH Democrat Claims Death Threats After Accusing Right Of Wanting Civil War

NH Democrat Claims Death Threats After Accusing Right Of Wanting Civil War

There’s an awful lot of hysterics surrounding Donald Trump and his presidency. The impeachment effort, which was never going to amount to much of anything, got a lot of people on the Right good and worked up. After all, they support President Trump and the Democrats are trying to remove him from office based on the most ridiculous stream of accusations any of us have ever seen. They have reason to get worked up.


Yet a New Hampshire Democrat is making headlines, first for saying the Right was ready to start a civil war if Trump lost in 2020, and now that she’s getting death threats over the comments.

New Hampshire Republicans are demanding disciplinary action against a Democratic State Representative who said gun-toting Trump voters are “stockpiling ammo” to start a second “Civil War” if he loses in 2020.

Democratic State Representative Deb Stevens of Nashua, New Hampshire, has been unapologetic about her social media posts blasting President Donald Trump and his supporters as “unstable, full of hate & bigotry.” Stevens warned her supporters on Facebook Friday that “if Trump loses in 2020,” the president will incite his most violent and armed supporters to start a “mass slaughter” of Democrats and all his critics. House Republicans described Stevens’ posts as “offensive” and “dangerous” and have threatened her with disciplinary action.

Stevens doubled down on her critical comments about Trump voters and told Newsweek Sunday afternoon that she is filing police complaints after receiving threats of sexual and firearm-related violence.

“If trump loses in 2020, these people who’ve been stockpiling ammo & amassing weaponry, are planning to start a Civil War. What will that be like? Are they planning a mass slaughter? Who will the “enemy” be…those who voted for trump’s opponent?” Stevens wrote in the controversial Facebook post Friday. It linked to an article from The Hill which quoted a Trump supporters who said he’d back a “second Civil War” if Trump doesn’t win reelection in November.


The problem is that Stevens took the remarks of precisely one Trump supporter and tarred and feathered all of his supporters with that brush. To say nothing of all the other brushes she tarred them with as well.

I’m never going to condone death threats against anyone. They never do anything but allow the recipient to feel vindicated and righteous.

But to take the quote of one guy and somehow make him a spokesperson for millions upon millions of Americans is ridiculous. Stevens shouldn’t get a pass on that either, and I don’t think she did. I know a lot of people called her out on it. So much so that I doubt she got death threats. Most likely, she’s getting “I hope you die in a fire” kind of remarks–which I still think are inappropriate, but aren’t threats–and is riding those as death threats are currency in politics these days.

Regardless of whether she did or not, the truth is that if President Trump loses in November, his supporters will be upset, sure. I also suspect a lot of them will start preparing for war, but not so much because Trump lost but because of what a Democrat in the White House will plan to do, particularly with regard to guns.

It’s important to recognize one thing Stevens completely ignores in her fearmongering. It isn’t the Right that has rioted over and over since Trump won the 2016 election. It wasn’t the Right that set fire to buildings and destroyed cars because “orange man bad.” It’s not the Right that has been engaged in low-level conflict nonstop since the election results were announced.


Stevens doesn’t deserve death threats (assuming she’s even getting real death threats), but she definitely deserves the pushback she’s getting otherwise.

If you’re someone who is giving her death threats, knock it off. You’re not helping.

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