Cleveland Cops, ATF Offer Reward For Gun Store Burglary Info

One thing we should all be concerned with is gun store robberies. These never take place during the hours of operation, mostly because the staff is generally armed, but instead at night when they can operate with impunity. They steal these guns and then sell them on the streets, feeding them into the black market.

Now, the ATF and the Cleveland Police Department are asking for help and offering a nice reward for information on a gun store burglary.

A Cleveland Gun Store on Georgetown Road was burglarized on Tuesday morning, when thieves smashed a stolen pickup through the front wall. They stole several guns and made their get-away.

Cleveland Police responded to the business burglar alarm at 3:19 am, Tuesday morning.

When they arrived at American Defense Company—-a gun store– they found extensive damage to the front of the building.

Surveillance footage showed a Silver Dodge Ram had backed through the front wall of the store, and several suspects had taken guns before driving away.

Later, investigators also found that . . .

“The Dodge Ram truck was actually stolen earlier that night from a local apartment complex off Blackburn Road. They did find the stolen truck, with some merchandise in it, on Westside Drive, which is probably less than a half – a quarter mile from the scene,” said Evie West, Cleveland Police Department Public Relations Officer.

The Cleveland Police Department is asking for the community’s help in tracking down the suspects.

Police say there’s at least three suspects based on surveillance camera footage.

Further, it seems the criminals failed to fill out a Form 4473 and get a background check before leaving with their stolen guns. Damned inconsiderate of them, right? I mean, if they had, the 4473 would have had their addresses and everything, but nope.

On a serious note, though, this is a problem none of us should tolerate. These are stolen property and need to be returned to their lawful owner; in this case, the gun store.

If you know anything please contact the Cleveland Police Department. Tell them Tom sent you. It won’t mean anything to them, but it would amuse me greatly.

In the meantime, though, we need to remember that no amount of universal background checks, gun rationing schemes, or much of anything else proposed by anti-gun activists can really stop something like this. This is a criminal act and no, they don’t fill out Form 4473s. We all know it, too. Yes, even the anti-gunners know it.

Of course, that doesn’t tell me why they keep insisting on pushing for more laws that they know criminals will just workaround, but I guess everyone needs a hobby.

Rather than restricting the lawful trade of firearms in this country, we really need to be focused on the criminals who steal guns in the first place, thus negating anything anyone tries to do to keep criminals disarmed. Especially since it only impacts the law-abiding gun buyer and not the criminals in question.

How many more incidents like this will it take before they start to get a clue?