Indiana State Senator Proposes New Gun Control Measures

Despite being right next door to Illinois, Indiana is a fairly pro-gun place. It doesn’t have the same reputation as, say, Texas, but it’s still pretty friendly toward gun owners and the folks I know there have no issues getting what they want.


However, like every other state in the country, they have their fair share of gun grabbers.

Now, one of them who also happens to be a state senator is proposing raising the age limit to purchase long guns among other things in the state.

Seems Virginia isn’t the only state where legislators do not listen to the citizens. Democratic Sen. Greg Taylor, who represents part of Indianapolis, has proposed legislation that would prevent the sale of a gun to anyone under 21 years of age, and would limit firearms to only 10 rounds.

It reads, in part:

Firearms. Prohibits the: (1) sale; (2) trade; or (3) transfer; of a regulated weapon to a person less than 21 years of age. Provides that a dealer or person who knowingly or intentionally: (1) sells; (2) trades; or (3) transfers; a regulated weapon to a person less than 21 years of age commits a Level 6 felony. Provides certain defenses. Prohibits a person from possessing, selling, or offering for sale a magazine or similar device for a firearm with a capacity of more than 10 rounds of ammunition.

The bill will also regulate where you can carry a firearm.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that this has less of a chance of passage than a constitutional carry bill in California. It’s not going to happen.

Why, then, do lawmakers continue to try to push bills they know won’t go anywhere? The reason is, basically, they have to virtue signal.

For Taylor, he may just be signaling to constituents that he’s fighting the good fight. Maybe he’s signaling to the state or national party and letting them know he’s a good Democrat who holds the right views on guns, all in hopes they’ll make sure he stays in office a whole lot longer. Regardless, he’s sending out a gun control version of the Bat-Signal.


And that’s all he’s accomplishing.

Especially since this bill is pretty much a grab-bag of gun control’s greatest hits. An age limit, a magazine ban, and restrictions on where someone can carry a firearm? That would easily take Indiana from pro-gun status to, at best, neutral on the issue. While some might be interested in talking about age limits or even restricting where guns can be carried, the three things in totality are going to be too much for anyone who wants to keep their job in a pro-gun state.

Unfortunately, it’s another example of just how insidious anti-gun policy proposals can be. They’re like a virus. They infect their host, then spread out to try and infect others. None of these proposals are new. They all came from someone else who had been infected.

In that way, pro-gun voices are a state’s immune system, so dig in and be ready to fight. They’re not going to stop just because they take a few lumps. Not even in Indiana.

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