VA Legislative Moves Don't Make Gun Control A Certainty

The state of Virginia has really been dominating the Second Amendment news feed for a while now. That’s hardly surprising since the moment Democrats knew they’d have control of the legislature, they announced they were going to ram gun control down the state’s throat. They convinced themselves that this was what the people wanted.

Since then, though, most of the state has adopted resolutions declaring their counties as “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”  Like, 90 percent or more of the state.

Yet yesterday’s moves suggest that lawmakers aren’t paying much attention to that.

However, it also doesn’t necessarily mean that Virginia is about to start competing with California for “most anti-gun state status,” either. Things are far from certain.

First, the pressure on some Democrats may mean some gun control measures end up being more moderate. [10 News political analyst Dr. Ed] Lynch said some Democrats may be influenced by the Second Amendment sanctuaries that have pledged to resist new gun laws.

“That’s far more meaningful, far more far-reaching and far more persuasive evidence that Virginians were certainly voting for change but they weren’t necessarily voting for this sort of change,” Lynch said.

Secondly, Lynch thinks many gun control laws would immediately go into litigation, with some reaching higher appeals courts where they will face judges who are President Donald Trump appointees, making the gun debate outcome uncertain in the long run.

Lynch argues that part of the reason the push right now is so aggressive is that Northam and company don’t really expect that lock-step loyalty to continue indefinitely. That’s certainly an accurate point. That’s especially true if Democrats in the legislature start facing a lot of pushback at home.

In other words, the time is perfect for still more grassroots activism in the Old Dominion state. Calling legislators and making your opinions known, making it damn clear that they do not want to go down that road if they want to remain in office certainly can’t hurt. Just be respectful and polite when you speak with people. Make it impossible for them to declare victimhood status and make an anti-gun vote and spin it as a moral principle in the face of threats.

Plus, as Lynch notes, those measures are going to result in lawsuits. Those lawsuits will go before Trump-appointed judges who tend to be pro-gun.

While it looks like Virginia is a slam dunk for gun control, it’s far from over. There’s still a whole lot going on and a lot of battles left to fight. Yes, Monday’s vote was right down party lines, but that’s not necessarily going to hold indefinitely. Even if it does, that’s still not all she wrote on the fight to defend the Second Amendment in the state.

Look, a lot of people are talking about the Boogaloo starting up in Virginia, and they’re not entirely wrong. What I will say, though, is that there is a long, long way to go before any of that comes to pass because there are so many more steps left to fight this insanity.