How VA Dems Try To Undermine Gun Rights Advocacy

Recently, the state of Virginia held hearings on gun control. Legislative hearings are nothing new, of course. They happen in pretty much every level of government with varying degrees of formality. In theory, it’s supposed to give lawmakers something to think about before they vote on various bills.

Yet in Virginia, they don’t want anything to think about, including how unpopular these measures might actually be. Which is why they’ve done everything to downplay gun control support at the hearings.

You see, during the hearing, Virginia Democrats sought to “balance” the sides a bit.

Several thousand gun owners turned out at the temporary General Assembly Building on Monday, January 13th, 2020! The hearing room was divided into two areas – the larger area for gun-rights supporters and the other was a smaller area for gun-control supporters.

Gun owners filled up their side of the room quickly, while the gun controllers’ side was still pretty empty. To make it looked like they had more people and not look so pitiful, a search for gun-controllers in the waiting line outside the meeting room doors was conducted. Countless gun owners in the line were skipped over in the search for more gun-controllers.

Whenever a gun controller was found, they were allowed to go into the meeting room, but no more gun owners were allowed in.

What this was is quite simple. They wanted to stack the deck a bit to make sure no one in the room got a reminder of just how unpopular these bills might actually be.

It meant the news cameras saw a fairly even divide. It meant the newspaper photographers could only photograph what they wanted to see photographed.

It was smoke and mirrors, masquerading as a fair process.

And that’s a big problem.

While I’m a pro-gun guy who doesn’t think any gun law is constitutional, I accept that not everyone shares that view. However, what I refuse to accept is that anything transpiring in Virginia is motivated by anything but a quest for power. They know damn good and well how unpopular these measures are with many in their state. In fact, a quick look at the number of counties that have embraced sanctuary status should tell them just how unpopular those measures are.

They don’t want to listen.

Unfortunately for them, they can’t completely bar gun rights advocates from attending. So, instead, they seek to dilute their voices, actively hunting for dissenting opinions to help try and drown out the pro-gun side.

If Democrats in the Old Dominion state were the least bit concerned with what the people actually wanted, they wouldn’t have taken these particular steps. They wouldn’t have tried to dilute the pro-gun voices.

But they did.

Now, we see exactly what Northam and his cronies are up to, and none of it is good. They’re going to cram gun control down the throats of the good people of Virginia, and if they’re allowed to get away with it, they won’t stop there. More importantly, like a virus, these kinds of shenanigans will spread out to other states who will stop and nothing to silence the opposition so they can convince people there isn’t any.

This is just the first step unless they’re called to the carpet.