Push Seeks To Create 2A Sanctuaries In Michigan

There are some rather extreme progressives in Michigan. If you don’t live there, trust me. Friends send me screenshots on a regular basis. It’s almost like some people are trying to turn the state into a frozen version of California…if not Venezuela.

Yet there are still some pretty sane people in Michigan. I won’t say my friends qualify, of course, because they have questionable taste. I mean, they’re friends with me.

But there are others. In fact, a number are working to create Second Amendment sanctuary counties in their state.

A northern Michigan radio show host is helping to organize a push in Michigan’s 83 counties to adopt resolutions affirming Second Amendment gun ownership rights, but the reach or perceived overreach of those resolutions could vary by location.

The Facebook group gathering volunteers for the initiative, the Michigan for 2A Sanctuary Counties group, started less than a month ago and had more than 75,000 members as of Tuesday. One of the administrators, Randy Bishop, said the group has volunteers in all of Michigan’s 83 counties pushing county commissioners to adopt pro-Second Amendment resolutions.

“We believe if they don’t support this resolution they’re in violation of the state Constitution and need to resign tomorrow,” said Bishop, who goes by “Trucker Randy” on his northern Michigan radio show.

So far, at least five counties in Michigan have resolutions pending or about to be introduced to their commissioners. A state lawmaker hopes to introduce similar language on the House floor.

But the resolutions being pushed by advocates like Bishop appear to differ from what’s being considered in some counties, where the language stops short of encouraging local law enforcement to ignore any future laws that infringe on Second Amendment rights.

“That’s not in the wording for St. Clair County because you’ll never get the sheriffs on board with that,” said state Rep. Gary Eisen, a St. Clair Township Republican who drafted the resolution for the county and hopes to introduce a similar resolution in the state House.

“Whether other counties want to do that, it’s up to them,” Eisen said. “But I think you have to start with something that’s more reasonable and a little easier to understand.”

Of course, a whole truckload of counties have already passed those exact measures throughout the nation and the sheriff’s are on board, so it’s impossible to say that you’ll “never” get sheriffs to agree. Plenty have. Hell, a few have declared their counties sanctuary counties unilaterally simply because they’re the only law enforcement agency and they won’t enforce the law.

Regardless, I salute Bishop and his fellow activists. The truth of the matter is that if we have enough sanctuary counties, it should send a very clear signal to those making laws that we’re not going to tolerate their anti-gun shenanigans. They can pass whatever, but that doesn’t mean we have to follow those laws.

Whether it’s Virginia, New Mexico, Washington state, or Michigan, the Second Amendment sanctuary movement is making serious headway and anti-gunners need to listen for a change.