Charging Of Baltimore Cop And The Faulty Logic Of Gun Control


While individual gun grabbers may claim to have some respect for the Second Amendment, remarkably few of them can articulate firm limits on how far gun control should go. For example, Shannon Watts has claimed she’s not really anti-gun but completely lost her crap over a .22 bolt-action because it looked scary. If a bolt-action rimfire rifle is too terrifying for her, then just what is acceptable?

At the core, the truth is that anti-gunners really want guns reserved only for the military and police.

The problem with that is that the police aren’t a bunch of angels. They’re human beings with human failings. While most are good, decent people who just want to help people out, there are some that are apparently willing to cross the lines of decency.

 Federal prosecutors have charged another Baltimore police detective in connection with a BB gun planting incident from 2014.

According to the five-count indictment, Robert Hankard, 43, has been with the BPD since 2007 and was promoted to detective in 2014.

Hankard’s being indicted on federal charges related to allegations that he provided a BB gun he knew would be planted on a suspect, falsified an application for a search warrant and an arrest report in a second incident where drugs were planted on a suspect, as well as that he falsely testified to a federal grand jury in a federal investigation.

The charges stem from Sgt. W.J. striking someone with his vehicle in March 2014 and calling another officer asking for a BB gun to plant to justify his actions running the man over. The officer then planted the BB gun underneath the vehicle.

And, to be clear, this isn’t just any group of officers. Oh no, this is the Gun Trace Task Force.

In other words, these are the cops being trusted with removing guns from the streets of Baltimore, and they’re allegedly planting evidence?

The problem with relegating non-military firearm possession to just the police is that this doesn’t slow down. It doesn’t go away. That’s because, as I said, police aren’t perfect. There are good and bad in any profession, but in law enforcement the bad have an ability to do far worse than in many other careers. For one, they’re all armed. For another, they have far too many friends who can make things like this happen.

Yet this is the future anti-gunners want. They want to empower corrupt cops to hit people with cars and then set them up to go to prison over nothing.

Meanwhile, you and I are powerless before not just these allegedly corrupt officers, but also the everyday criminals that seek to make our lives a living hell, just so they can avoid having to get a real job.

You cannot pretend that no private citizen can be trusted with guns while also pretending that every police officer absolutely can. It just doesn’t make any sense and anyone with half a brain knows it. Unfortunately, so many gun control activists don’t, so what does that tell you about them?