Baltimore Police Seize Guns, Drugs Despite Laws On Both

“Gun control works!”

That’s the cry of the pink-crowned gun grabber, an invasive species that has taken hold all over the United States. The pink-crowned gun grabber’s natural environment are typically urban centers in states and, if not kept in check, could result in people within these states losing their God-given Second Amendment rights.

Maryland, for example, failed to curb the spread of this invasive species and now has some of the more strict gun control laws in the nation.

Yet, despite the cry of the pink-crowned gun grabber, police still find plenty of bad guys with guns.

A drug investigation in north Baltimore led police to a cache of drugs, guns and ammunition, officials said Thursday.

Eastern District Officers assigned to our Eastern District recently received information from several members of the…

Posted by Baltimore Police Department on Thursday, January 16, 2020



Why it’s almost like the criminals don’t follow the law?

Of course, the pink-crested gun grabber doesn’t actually care about criminals. They don’t actually expect their cries of “gun control works” to be fact. They only expect the uninitiated to accept it as true long enough to vote in the pink-crested gun grabbers. After all, once they’re in they can do whatever they want to your gun rights.

But this is a prime example of why gun control doesn’t work.

It doesn’t work because, despite all the laws in the world, criminals will still get guns. Guns will find the low spots. If they can’t get them from Maryland for whatever reason, they’ll get them from another state. Most often, though, the guns are stolen anyway. Black market guns find their way to states with tougher gun laws probably because the pink-crested gun grabbers have managed to drive prices for these guns up and little else.

The bad guys are always going to get guns, much like how they always seem to get drugs or other illicit materials. No amount of gun control laws can stop them.

But you know who it can stop?

It can stop law-abiding citizens like you and me. We see the law then follow the law. We buy legal magazines because that’s all we’re allowed to have. We sell off our guns because it has too many evil features and we don’t want to break the law. We follow those laws, no matter how insane, because they’re the law.

Criminals, though?


They simply don’t care about the legality of it. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals. They’ll get guns because they want or even need guns. They get drugs because that’s part of their business too. And let’s face it, drugs have been illegal for decades and the bad guys don’t seem to have a problem finding those, now do they?

That’s the problem with the pink-crested gun grabber. They ignore that reality and instead seem to prefer the delusions they construct in their minds to the harsh reality.

Then again, if everything I stood for was complete and utter male bovine excrement, I’m not entirely sure I wouldn’t prefer to live in my own self-delusion either. No one wants to deal with the truth when it shatters your worldview so completely.