VA's Democrat Response To Winning Election Is Terrifying

President Barack Obama famously said that elections have consequences, and while it outraged a whole lot of people, he wasn’t exactly wrong. They do. Whenever we vote, or when we fail to vote, there are consequences for what transpires afterward.

Sure, many people in Virginia voted for pro-gun candidates. Many others didn’t.

Regardless, though, not enough pro-gun candidates won and now the state is looking down the barrel of something incredibly terrifying.

By now, we all know the bills that have been pushed in the Virginia Senate. We know what they’ll call for and what they’ll try to do.

Last week, the state attorney general also severed the reciprocity agreement with 25 states because they didn’t meet his standards; this despite there being absolutely no issue resulting from that reciprocity.

With a single election, the state stands ready to jump full-force into the anti-gun Kool-Aid, and that’s not the extent of their actions.

You see, while the state is bashing other states for not barring carry permits to people who haven’t necessarily been convicted of a felony, they’re also considering restoring voting rights to felons as well as a pile of other changes to their election laws. They’re also talking about changing the state’s term limits, among other things.

What we see in Virginia is a preview of what happens if Democrats win nationally in November.

Now, I get it that a number of our readers and fellow Second Amendment advocates aren’t Republican. I don’t consider myself a Republican, truth be told. I’m a libertarian at heart and too many in the GOP don’t align with that.

But I watch what’s happening in Virginia and how it’s being celebrated nationally and I can see it for what it is. It’s a preview of what happens if Democrats take the Senate and the White House in November. If that happens, our gun rights are as good as toast. The new Congress will pass everything they can, eroding our rights to do anything except, maybe, have a single-shot rifle or shotgun and a revolver for home defense.

And that’s if we’re lucky.

I don’t like being paranoid, but when one looks at Virginia, it’s hard not to see the writing on the wall.

If anti-gunners get the chance, they’ll fundamentally remake this country in such a way that the right to keep and bear arms won’t even be recognizable anymore.

Yet, there’s still hope. One glimmer of light that we can hold onto, and that’s the courts.

While there are still a lot of anti-gun courts out there, they’re not as prevalent as they once were. We also have a Supreme Court that seems to be on our side and will likely side with the Second Amendment should a case come to them…assuming they hear the case, of course.

President Obama once said that elections have consequences, and he wasn’t wrong. Our brothers and sisters in Virginia are experiencing that fact right now.  Let’s learn from their experiences and prepare for November so that we don’t see this play out on a federal level.