Scene Calm At Virginia Capitol For Lobby Day

(Photo by Cam Edwards)

While the media has done their level best to heighten tensions over Lobby Day in Virginia, Bearing Arms has boots on the ground to take a look for ourselves.

Well, not just for that reason. You see, our own Cam Edwards lives in Virginia. He’s directly impacted by all of these proposed bills, bills that would negatively impact his ability to protect himself, his family, and his home. He’s there at Lobby Day not just taking a look as a journalist, but also as an activist.

So what is he seeing?

In a phone call a short time ago, here’s what Cam had to say:

So there are tens of thousands of people here at the Virginia capital and sea of second amendment supporters in downtown richmond. I would say the scene is calm, it’s friendly, you’ve got a lot of folks saying if you see troublemakers, let the authorities know. So far, I’m not seeing any signs of trouble.

I’m seeing Virginians from across the state turn out to oppose Governor Ralph Northam’s gun control agenda.

Which is kind of what we all hoped we’d see.

It’s still early, of course, but Cam’s report jives with the photos he’s been posting over on Twitter.

As we can see, it’s a pretty large crowd. I’m seeing heads as far as the eye can see, which is good. It should send a clear message that Virginians aren’t interested in gun control.

The question is, will legislators listen?

This is one from almost the same spot twenty minutes earlier. As you can see, the crowd has grown considerably.

It should also be noted that entrance is being controlled to some degree. This tells us that police at these entry points are keeping the crowd moving and aren’t hassling people unnecessarily.

That’s a good thing.

I’m not going to lie, I kind of want that shirt and I’m not even a Virginian. While my governor isn’t, this is still one of those things we all need to remember should the time come. All 50 states need variations of these designed an on standby.

Then there was this pic I haven’t seen Cam post on Twitter, but taken by him:

(Photo by Cam Edwards)

The sign’s not wrong.

This is something to remember when the governor pushing gun control is also known to have worn blackface and gone by the nickname “Coonman” back in the day.

Obviously, this meshes with what Cam told me over the phone a short time ago.

So far, this is all very good news. Especially since folks are keeping an eye out for troublemakers and plan on alerting the police should they find them. It doesn’t take much to turn something like this into an absolute tragedy, but it won’t happen if the crowd is alert and ready to stop trouble before it can start.

I can’t over-emphasize how important it is to let this be peaceful and end peacefully. So far, that’s how they’re shaping up and I look forward to seeing them end the same way.