Two Dead, Five Injured In San Antonio Shooting

As thousands of gun rights activists descend upon Richmond, Virginia to discuss our gun rights with their legislators, it seems a bad time for there to be some kind of a high-profile shooting. Seriously, the timing couldn’t be worse. It’s enough for some to probably decide it’s not a coincidence and assume this is part of some effort to justify disarming us.

However, it’s also important to note that two people lost their lives in such a shooting just last night.

Two people were killed and five injured after at least one person opened fire inside a Texas club Sunday night, police said.

Police received calls of shots fired around 8 p.m., San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said in a news conference. There seemed to be some kind of altercation inside the club between individuals or a group, McManus said, and that’s when the shots were fired.

One 21-year-old male was found dead inside the club. Another victim died after being found in critical condition.

Police are looking for a suspect. They say they’re unsure if it was a targeted shooting or indiscriminate. However, we do have plenty of reason to suspect this wasn’t some random shooting. After all, it apparently started with an altercation at the club. Mass shootings generally don’t start out that way.

Some will likely point to Texas and their lack of gun control as the reason this happened, but that would be premature.

Especially since the Borderline Bar & Grill shooting took place in California, a state rife with gun control policies.

Additionally, Texas clubs tend to sell alcohol, which means it’s a felony for an unlicensed individual to carry a gun in such a place. Since we don’t know who the suspect is, we don’t know anything about whether he carried a gun legally or not, much less ignored felony law in doing so.

Not that gun control would matter to the kind of gun that starts shooting people over a damn argument.

The truth of the matter is that people like this are broken. Something inside of them–the thing inside of you and me that makes it so we value human life, even if we don’t particularly like the humans in question–doesn’t work like it’s supposed to. They’re convinced that pulling a gun and shooting people who disagree with them is the right course of action.

I don’t know if it was broken in this person during their childhood or if it’s hereditary, or whether cultural factors broke it. I just know that unbroken people don’t start shooting up nightclubs in Texas or anywhere else.

Luckily, the death toll wasn’t nearly as high as it could have been. While I would have preferred it to be zero, that’s beyond my or anyone else’s control. That rests on those broken souls who don’t value the lives of those around them. So long as those folks walk among us, unmolested and unchecked, we’ll have things like this happening.

That should be our focus, not the guns.