Virginia Lobby Day Rally Finishes Up Without Issue

(Photo by Cam Edwards)
(Photo by Cam Edwards)

Anti-gunners painted a very bleak picture of what was set to happen today in Richmond. They spun warnings of white supremacists and domestic terrorism. It was enough that anyone would have concerns, even if they knew the Second Amendment community wasn’t interested in such things. All it would take is just one deranged individual to make everything we’ve worked toward go away.


Yet things are wrapping up in Richmond and, thankfully, it was as uneventful as such a thing can be.

As noted earlier, our own Cam Edwards was there. Serving as one of the speakers for the rally, he gave me a call when he finished up to give me his impressions of the event.

“I think that the important takeaway here is that we really did see an incredible turnout on the part of Virginians,” he said via a phone call earlier today. “I have no idea how many people are here but the entire downtown area is just full of second amen supporters. and, you know, people have smiles on their faces and determination and resolve.”

Of course, the focus of much of the media has been the defiance, and that’s not without a slight bit of legitimacy. As Cam noted, “I have seen a few we shall not comply signs, these are folks who are trying to send a message to the lawmakers in Richmond that Northam’s gun control agenda is the wrong move. I just hope that lawmakers listen to the voices of this incredible movement.”

I want to echo that last sentiment.

Virginians deserve better than what Northam has given them. Today, thousands of Virginians spoke with one voice.


Already, though, there are people trying to dismiss today’s turnout.

To be sure, some actually are from out of state. We know some folks from out of state attended because they’ve been pretty upfront about it. That doesn’t mean they make up the majority or even a significant minority.

What the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is trying to do is dismiss the voices of thousands of Virginians who want to be heard. They’re trying to dismiss them by claiming they’re voices from outside.

Yet the group has failed to actually address any of the concerns expressed by protestors in Richmond.

That’s not overly surprising. That hasn’t been the modus operandi of any of the anti-gun voices in Virginia since the election.

However, these were all law-abiding citizens who showed up to address their legislators. They want their voices heard. While many may have elected Democrats, it’s clear that most of the state has no interest in going down the gun control rabbit hole. They want their rights protected, not mangled beyond recognition, but they’re not looking to start trouble.


That should be a big part of the take-away from today. Now, though, the question remains as to whether anyone in Richmond is remotely willing to listen to these good people.

Or, are they so knee-deep in partisan politics that they simply won’t care?

Only time will tell.

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