Virginia Delegate Proposes Limits On Gun Control

Despite yesterday’s rally in Richmond going off without a hitch, things are still pretty tense in Virginia. That’s going to happen when someone is trampling on your rights, after all. While an estimated 20,000 showed up to make their voices heard, there’s absolutely no indication that Governor Ralph Northam bothered to listen.


However, before the protests, one Virginia delegate offered a measure that would limit any gun control push in the state.

In response to the governor’s declaration, [Delegate Ronnie] Campbell introduced House Bill 1689, which says any legislation will be considered “an unlawful infringement on the right of the people to keep and bear arms” if it:

  • “Imposes any tax, fee, or stamp on any firearm, ammunition, or firearm component;
  • Requires the registration of any firearm, ammunition, or firearm component;
  • Requires any person to register as an owner of a firearm, ammunition, or firearms component;
  • Prohibits any person from possessing, using, or transferring a firearm who is not prohibited from possessing a firearm; or
  • Requires any person to surrender his firearm, ammunition, or firearms component who is not prohibited from possessing a firearm.”

Furthermore, the bill states that, “Any person who knowingly deprives or attempts to deprive another person of such other person’s right to keep and bear arms by enforcing any law…shall be liable for an unlawful deprivation of a person’s constitutional rights and such injured person shall be entitled to damages, including punitive damages, and in the discretion of the court to an award of the cost of the litigation and reasonable attorney fees in an amount to be fixed by the court.”


I’m not going to lie, this tickles me in all kinds of ways.

However, I think we all know this isn’t going anywhere. I think Campbell knows it won’t go anywhere, either. The House of Delegates in Virginia won’t even take this up, which is almost a shame.

You see, for all their talk about how they’re not trying to take our guns, anti-gunners are not fans of limits on the gun-grabbing ways. Yet if they passed Campbell’s bill, it would go a long way toward supporting their claim that they’re just looking for some “common-sense solutions” to the perceived problem of gun violence.

Oh, I won’t buy it and I’m sure you wouldn’t either. We know better, especially since a law like this could be overturned just as easily as it was passed.

A lot of others, though, might.

Instead, they’ll make their push to inhibit the gun rights of law-abiding Virginians like they’re nothing. Of course, to them, they’re not. Those rights don’t actually count.

Campbell’s bill is an attempt to remind them that those rights matter.

If there’s a regret in this it’s that no one not already supportive of gun rights will take this proposal seriously enough to stop and ask just why is this such a big deal to so many of us. The truth is, they don’t care. They don’t understand that for many of us, this is a life or death issue because we know the police will show up just in time to draw a chalk outline around our bodies.


They won’t ask that question, though, because they really don’t care.

So let’s have more rallies like Richmond so they’ll be forced to care.

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