People Like This Are Why We Need AR-15s

“Why do you think you need an AR-15, anyway?”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked that question, and I know good and well you all have been asked the same thing.

Take away the fact that I don’t need to justify how I exercise my rights to anyone. The truth of the matter is that there are reasons why one might need an AR-15. In particular, it’s the weapon we have access to currently that would be the most useful in fighting a tyrannical government.

Oh, plenty of people scoff at that, arguing that semi-automatic rifles are nothing when faced with weapons like drones and tanks, but plenty more scoff because there’s no way in their minds that our country would ever become tyrannical.

Frankly, that’s naive to an extreme, especially in light of the videos coming out of the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not fond of people talking about rounding folks up and putting them in re-education camps. Another called for their opponents to be sent to gulags. Such rhetoric is expressly about eliminating dissenting ideas.

To make matters worse, as of this writing, Bernie Sanders is currently the number two Democrat in the Democratic presidential primary and has not condemned this rhetoric. He’s said nothing at all.

While I don’t want to say it, I can’t reach any conclusion other than Sanders is tacitly supporting this kind of thing.

And a fifth of the Democrats is backing this guy.

Honestly, that’s their right, and they’re welcome to back whoever they want, I suppose. However, let’s also understand that Bernie’s supporters have a bit more than their fair share of unhinged individuals in their ranks. These are people who appear to want to visit violence on their opponents regardless of the outcome of the election.

If Bernie wins, they want to shunt us all into camps. If he loses, they want to spark a violent revolution.

Either way, people like you and me are going to be the targets of their venom. If they come, though, it won’t be with protest signs and hashtags. They’ll come with evil intent.

I don’t want to assume that my handgun is up for the task. I don’t want to fire a shotgun through the door, as Joe Biden has suggested.  I want to have the best tool humanly possible to meet the threat. That’s an AR-15 or similar style rifle. I want my family outfitted with them as well. I want my neighbors outfitted with them.

At the end of the day, the thing that’s likely to keep the Bernie Bros in check is the simple fact that so many of us are already armed and ready to meet their threat with deadly force.

Take away our tools, and you inhibit our ability to deter that violence.

Of course, that might also be why so many of us refuse to give up our rifles. We’re not going to be victims, no matter how much we’re told the government will protect us. After all, we don’t trust the fox to guard the henhouse either.