How CNN's Lies Continue To Feed The Beast

The gun debate is one that takes place on every level of communication we have. Individuals will often debate in living rooms while broader debates take place on social media. Then we have the debates in the media itself, where far too many have to go for their information. While Bearing Arms is part of that battle, it’s kind of hard for us to go toe-to-toe with someplace like CNN in sheer numbers.

The problem is, with CNN’s massive reach, their lies and distortions can misshapen the entire debate.

Take this op-ed from Kansas City, for example.

The same night the Chiefs won the AFC Championship Game, a gunman opened fire on a group of people standing outside a nightclub, killing 25-year-old Raeven Parks and injuring many others.

Aside from the shock of a mass shooting on such an otherwise hopeful evening, the news didn’t really surprise anyone who is familiar with crime statistics in the Kansas City area.

When I learned that the shooter, killed by a security guard on the scene, was in legal possession of a gun because of a change in Missouri laws making it possible for him to have it, even though he had at least one prior conviction, I thought, “Here we go again.”

Except, that’s not what the law stated.

Instead, the writer was misinformed due to the outright lies CNN pushed as part of their anti-gun narrative. Now she’s spreading the debunked information as if it were gospel truth.

That’s the pernicious issue with mass media-reported lies like this. It’s like the old saying about how a lie goes halfway around the world before the truth can even get its pants on. It doesn’t help when networks like CNN are basically strapping a rocket to the lie.

Now we have to fight this lie in addition to combatting all the other lies about guns and gun rights. Lies that CNN has to be aware of, at least on some level. Someone who works for that network has to know the truth about guns, but they’re either silent or completely ignored so the supposedly “most trusted name in news” can go on with their nonsense.

Make no mistake, we’re going to hear yet again about how the Kansas City shooter “legally” had a gun on his person. We’ll hear yet again all about how his previous convictions did nothing to stop him from carrying, despite the fact that it was still unlawful for him to do so.

CNN put this out there and they’ve done nothing to retract their lies. I’m quite sure they know they made a mistake by now, but are standing by it, which doubles down on the lie.

They’re owning this one whether they want to or not.

Yet they’re also feeding the gun control beast. I simply can’t believe at this point that such wasn’t the goal all along, and frankly, neither should you. At this point, it’s not a mistake, it’s enemy action.

This is our world. We need to adapt to thrive in it or we’re going to die out.