Petition Begun To Move County To West Virginia

Well, technically, no one will be “moving” the county. What will happen, though, is that the county will shift as part of Virginia and into West Virginia.

At least, that’s the theory.

You see, a lot of Virginia counties are displeased with how Governor Ralph Northam and his fellow beltway Democrats are bound and determined to ram gun control down the throat of the rest of the state, regardless of what they want. It’s a prime example of why were have an electoral college at the federal level.

However, those Virginian counties that are taking issue with it have an out. West Virginia has offered them a new home.

Now, it looks like folks in one county may be considering taking them up on the offer.

Campbell County attorney and conservative activist, Rick Boyer, is following through with a plan to add VEXIT on the 2020 ballot in November.

“People are just realizing the brand new Virginia is not the Virginia I grew up in and my kids are not going to grow up in the same level of freedom that I enjoyed and they want to do something about it,” he said. “I think a large part of Virginia is realizing we are not represented by the current legislation and the current Governor.”

Boyer says the possibility of new gun laws in Virginia, as well as the movement in rural Virginia counties to establish themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries, inspired his petition aiming to get enough signatures to put the ‘VEXIT’ initiative on the ballot as a referendum.

Matt Cline, a member of the Campbell County Board of Supervisors says this is still a grey area and a number of things would need to be considered before a decision could be made, but he’s not surprised by the growing movement.

“The fact that people in Campbell County are making this push and being the first to make this push as we did with the second amendment sanctuary status is not surprising to me at all, and I am proud the people are standing up,” he said.

Of course, many have mocked the suggestion, including more than a few Republicans. However, it’s not a bad idea. The truth is, if the urban elites around the beltway are bound and determined to dictate to the rest of the state–people they barely deign to acknowledge as human–then maybe it’s time for those states to diffuse the impact those votes would make on them.

In other words, jumping ship to West Virginia might well be something to consider. At the very least, a handful of counting making an effort to leave might well be enough to warn Northam and company of this anti-gun jihad they’ve been engaged in since they took office.

Is it worth breaking up your entire state for the sake of a few gun control laws that we all know won’t actually stop the bad people of that state from committing illegal acts?

I’d wager the answer is no.

If I’m wrong, though, then at least those counties can jump ship and head toward a state that’s not bound and determined to destroy their civil liberties.