Giffords Raises Grades For Some Pro-Gun States

Giffords is the kind of organization where nothing is ever really good enough for them. There are no hard limits to what they want when it comes to gun control. They simply want it all.

And that’s apparent in their grading of various states. After all, in a grading system that includes pluses and minuses, California only got an “A” from the gun-grabbing group.

However, it should be noted that they will bump-up grades even for pro-gun states if they adopt just a small bit of gun control, apparently.

In its annual scorecard ranking the strength of state gun laws, the gun control advocacy group Giffords boosted ratings for a handful of states in the Midwest and West, most of which have traditionally been home to a strong gun rights culture.

The Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence released its scorecard Thursday, touting six states that received higher grades:

  • Illinois (B+ to an A-): Enacted gun dealer regulations
  • Colorado (C to a C+): Enacted an extreme risk protection order law
  • Nevada (D to a C+): Enacted universal background checks, an extreme risk protection order law, a bump stock ban, and a child access prevention law
  • Nebraska (C- to a C): Directed funding to community violence intervention strategies
  • Utah (D- to a D): Enacted a law requiring more reporting of prohibited purchaser records to federal background check system
  • New Mexico (F to a C): Enacted bills to strengthen background checks and disarm domestic abusers.

So what’s really happening?

Well, let’s look at Utah for a moment. All they really did is push for reporting to happen, something that’s relatively uncontroversial, and that was enough to take them from a D- to a D. That’s all it took, just a single bill that’s arguably not even really gun control–the laws limiting who can buy what are already on the books, after all–and they’re counting that as a win.

What about these other states. Nevada and New Mexico have been fairly pro-gun states. Now, they’re not. What’s going on? Are we really losing?

Yes and no. What’s happening in those states is that they’re seeing more people move into the state from the hellhole currently known as California. They’re fleeing high taxes and insane regulation and settling in freer states like New Mexico and Nevada, among others. The problem is, they’re also demanding the same insane legislation that created what they just left. That includes gun control.

So, the voting demographics of these states are shifting and the results are less than ideal.

Yet there’s something else we should note. Please notice that Illinois just moved up to an A-. One of the most rabidly anti-gun states in the country was a B-level state by Giffords’s grading system.

Honestly, that should tell you all you need to know about Giffords. It’s clear that even the most draconian of gun control measures possible won’t be enough for them. They want all our guns and our gun rights. They can claim they want no such thing, of course, but look at the grades. They tell a very different story.

Dec 02, 2021 7:30 PM ET