Does Wyoming Bill Seek To Turn State Into Sanctuary?


It’s always a good thing when a state decides to take someone’s Second Amendment rights seriously. Especially in this current climate where the Second Amendment is under almost constant assault. It’s easy for lawmakers to ignore the Second Amendment, especially in relatively pro-gun states.

However, a bill in Wyoming seeks to protect the Second Amendment in very serious ways.

The bill is also known as the ”Second Amendment Preservation Act,” and is sponsored by Rep. Mark Jennings (R-Sheridan County) and 13 co-sponsors.

Among other things, it would declare a list of possible actions or laws as an infringement on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Those actions would include gun registration, gun confiscation efforts, special taxes aimed only at firearms and gun accessories and other similar actions.

The bill would also make it so that anyone who tried to enforce such laws would be ineligible to serve as a law enforcement officer in the state.

In a way, it seeks to turn the entire state into a Second Amendment sanctuary community.

However, it only does so to a point. Note that universal background checks and red flag laws–two of the more contentious issues being discussed–aren’t really covered explicitly. Sure, red flag laws can be argued to fall under gun confiscation efforts, but it can also be argued to be something different. I know I’d consider it as confiscation, but would the courts?

Not mentioned above is that the bill would also cover:

(iv)  Any act forbidding the possession, ownership or use or transfer of a firearm, firearm accessory or ammunition by law abiding citizens;

That would cover things like assault weapon bans.

Yes, it’s big.

However, it’s also not likely to pass.

You see, the bill currently has 13 cosponsors, which isn’t bad. However, it was introduced during a budget session. Under state law, that means it needs a two-thirds majority to pass. I’m sorry, but getting two-thirds of the people to vote for a given bill is slim. Oh, Republicans have the majorities where they could do it just along party lines, but I also think this is the kind of bill you’re likely to see swept under the rug.

It’s a shame, too, because this would be beautiful. Honestly, it’s the kind of thing that would make me consider relocating up that way if I could tolerate the cold worth a damn.

Still, if it gets enough support now, it may come back up later when it doesn’t need quite so many votes to pass. That would be a big win as well as a reminder to Washington that just because a handful of self-appointed urban elites and their preferred politicians think gun control is swell, it doesn’t mean the rest of the nation has any interest going down that particular rabbit hole.

Most of us would rather preserve our rights and let the cities figure out some other way to address violence, especially since there’s reason to believe gun control isn’t remotely necessary to accomplish that.