NH Dems Continue Push On Previously Vetoed Bills

NH Dems Continue Push On Previously Vetoed Bills

Last year, anti-gun Democrats in New Hampshire tried to push a whole slate of gun control legislation onto the people of the Granite State. Unfortunately for them, it passed only to get shot down by the governor. They didn’t have the votes to override the veto, which meant they didn’t get their gun control.


Now, though, it seems they want to go for round two with pretty much the same slate of bills.

Democrats in Concord are moving forward with a revived set of gun control bills that were vetoed by the governor last year.

Lawmakers are calling the bills top priorities, even though they are likely to be vetoed again. They said they want to give Gov. Chris Sununu a chance to change his mind.

The third piece of high-profile gun control legislation was passed Thursday. It would expand background checks to close the gun show loophole.

“Nineteen other states have taken steps to close this loophole, some of them on the heels of a tragedy and the loss of innocent lives,” said Rep. David Meuse, D-Portsmouth. “It’s time for New Hampshire to join them.”

House Democrats passed a hotly debated red flag law in January, and a three-day waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm was passed this week.

In other words, they lost last year and somehow thing Governor Chris Sununu will change his mind because…reasons?

Holy crap, how deluded can these people possibly be?

Sununu kind of brought this on himself, though. He did invite them to pass the bills again so he could consider them again. Maybe he enjoyed vetoing them too much last year that he can’t wait to do it again? That’s a reason I can respect.

Then again, though, this might be pretty brilliant. While they’re continuing to push the same bills year after year, they’re not making headway on literally anything else. They’re not subtly tweaking bills until they’re able to pass even with a gubernatorial veto. They’re just doing the same thing over and over again.


If that’s what he’s doing, more power to him.

What Democrats are doing, though, is falling into that same trap by continuing to push the exact same bills. I’m more than willing to let them do so, of course, but I can’t help but shake my head at the stupidity.

What I have to remind myself is that one should never interrupt their opponent when they’re making a mistake.

The question becomes, how long until the voters of New Hampshire get sick of this and start voting nimrods out of office for beating the same dead horse over and over again? There comes a point where everyone kind of gets sick of this kind of thing and just wants it to end. The problem is, the people who are pushing this will be the very last to reach that point.

That’s when hilarity ensues. Hilarity for all of us watching this, anyway.

Regardless, it’s clear they’ll keep pushing failed policies until they’re no longer in a position to push them.

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