RI Governor To Sign Bill Banning "Ghost Guns"

So-called ghost guns are one of the current boogiemen for the anti-gun side. They’re terrified that ordinary Americans can assemble firearms at home without getting government permission first. Nevermind the bad guys will keep doing so–they’ve been able to do so for years–but instead focus on the law-abiding citizens and penalize them for…what?


Normally, I’d argue they’re penalizing them for the actions of the criminals, but as I’ve noted previously, we have no reason to actually believe these so-called “ghost guns” represent any kind of a real threat or problem. Instead, we get vague reports of a supposedly growing problem without any numbers to provide any context.

Not that it matters to Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo.

Rhode Island’s governor said Monday she plans to sign legislation to ban 3D-printed guns and so-called ghost guns that are untraceable.

The General Assembly is expected to soon send the legislation to Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo for her consideration.

“I fully and wholeheartedly support a ban on ghost guns so yes, I do plan to sign it,” she said.

The Senate passed the bill in January to ban 3D guns. The House passed similar legislation earlier this month. Raimondo said she supports the House version. The Senate plans to amend its bill to match.

The major difference between the two bills appears to be that the Senate bill would go into effect immediately while the House bill goes into effect 30 days after passage.

However, what’s missing from either version of the bill is one good reason why a criminal would actually be inhibited by the law in the first place.

For one thing, the files already exist for all of these parts to be manufactured by anyone with a 3D printer. That ship has long set sail and nothing is likely to change that anytime soon. Criminals who want to create untraceable firearms will continue to do so without any interference being presented by laws like this.


Further, it’s not like criminals don’t know bad guys in other states. Even if they don’t have the files, they’ll just get those friends to buy parts and ship them into Rhode Island.

This isn’t exactly rocket science.

But for Raimondo, it’s not really about stopping criminals. While I won’t be so uncharitable to say she doesn’t care about crime, I do believe she has no interest in whether gun control really impacts criminals or not. This is a state that requires people to undergo a safety class prior to even being able to buy a gun, much less carry one.

She doesn’t care whether this impacts criminals or not. She cares about limiting the total number of guns in anyone’s hands because she doesn’t think you, the law-abiding citizen, deserve to have your rights preserved.

Is it any wonder that Mike Bloomberg is looking at her as a potential running mate? They’re perfect for one another, a tyrannical match made in hell.

After she jacks up Rhode Islanders’ constitutional rights, she can team up with Mighty Mouse there and try to do the same for the rest of this great nation.

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