Michigan House Approves Pro-Second Amendment Resolution

As gun control continues to infect the nation like some kind of a virus, it’s always good to see regional governments make resolutions standing up for their citizens’ Second Amendment rights. Even if those stands are little more than symbolic, they can serve as a beacon of gun rights for those who don’t live in places that will make that stand.


Now, it seems the Michigan House has joined the ranks of those standing up for our right to keep and bear arms.

The Michigan House voted to affirm its support of the Second Amendment Tuesday, stopping short of naming Michigan a gun rights “sanctuary” but declaring its intent to protect the Constitutional right to bear arms.

House Resolution 227 states the Michigan legislature “will not pass laws that would infringe upon the ability of Michigan residents to own and keep firearms” and “will ensure that legislation in violation of our constitutional right to bear arms will not be imposed upon the citizens of Michigan by either the federal government or itself.” Lawmakers voted 75-32 to approve the resolution.

Resolutions are non-binding and do not have a direct impact on existing laws, but can be used by government bodies as a statement of priorities or to declare intentions.

The vote comes as local governments around the state are adopting or considering “Second Amendment sanctuary” resolutions inspired by a national movement signaling opposition to gun control measures. As a “sanctuary,” local governments could signal they don’t intend to enforce any gun laws they consider unconstitutional.

While the House resolution stops just shy of making the state a sanctuary state, the lawmaker who proposed this resolution also proposed one that did. This is as close as they were apparently likely to get.

However, that’s still pretty good.

Look, I like the idea of sanctuary states as a rebuttal to immigration sanctuaries. A lot of people are uncomfortable with them while still being pro-Second Amendment. I get it completely. Voting for a sanctuary resolution for the entire state was likely a bridge too far for them.


Yet this resolution also tells Second Amendment supporters in Michigan that the House is with them, that they have no intention of voting for any gun control measure going forward. That means their state isn’t going to infringe on their rights.

They can rest a little easier and focus their attention on the federal government where the U.S. House is looking to do all kinds of infringing if they get half a chance.

A lot of people don’t get to rest easy about their home states. Especially in places like California, Illinois, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and so on. The odds of such a resolution passing in any of those places aspire to reach such lofty ranks as having a “slim to none” status.

So good on the Michigan House.

Now, the most important thing is for them to hold themselves to it. While the resolution may be non-binding, it’s still something one should abide by if they have any sense of honor. Not that most politicians do, mind you, but a guy can dream.

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