Anti-Gun Wisconsin Lawmakers Try To Capitalize On Milwaukee Shooting

Gun grabbers are going to try and grab guns. It’s just what they do. They don’t know how to turn it off.

While the rest of us look at a mass shooting and feel sorrow, they look at such incidents with excitement. They’re downright giddy. After all, those are their moments to shine, their chance to jump on the bodies of the dead and use them as a soapbox to push their anti-gun agenda while people are emotional.

Wisconsin isn’t exactly the kind of place that would be immune to that sort of thing, either. Oh no, they have that particular breed as well.

Just a few hours after the shootings, calls began for lawmakers to do something about guns and gun violence.

“We need to be focusing on red flag laws as well as background checks. We need to take action. We need to do something,” Rep. David Crowley, D-Milwaukee, said Thursday. “We do not know exactly what happened, but we know what has continued to happen in our schools, workplaces, and nearly everywhere else. How much longer will we have to wait for the Wisconsin Legislature to make our communities safer?”

Crowley said he is not politicizing the shooting. He said the issue of gun violence is already political.

That’s not going over well with some other lawmakers.

Sen. Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, said it is not time to look at new laws.

“Today and coming days should be focused on the victims and healing while we learn the facts of [Wednesday’s] events,” Wanggaard said.

I agree completely with Wanggaard.

While Crowley can claim he’s not politicizing the shooting, he most certainly is. Gun violence may be a political issue, but he’s taking a specific incident and trying to warp the reality surrounding it to fit his own agenda. We still have a lot of unanswered questions about the shooting. That was especially true in the initial hours when Crowley spouted off.

So far as we know, there’s nothing Crowley is pushing that would have inhibited the shooter in any way. There doesn’t seem to be any reason people would call for a red flag order for him. There’s no reason to believe he didn’t or couldn’t pass a background check. We don’t know that there is any measure possible that could have prevented this deadly attack.

But that doesn’t matter to people like Crowley because it’s not really about what happened at the Molson Coors plant that day. Oh no, it’s about pushing a radical anti-gun agenda down people’s throats, preferably while they’re too upset to think clearly.

This is par for the course with people like him. Unfortunately, though, there are a lot of people like him. The ghoulish nature of their pouncing on such a tragedy wouldn’t be tolerated by the media under any other circumstances, nor should it be, but because they actually agree with the anti-gun agenda, they turn a blind eye to it.

Meanwhile, Crowley and those like him will continue to try and turn tragedies like this into opportunities for political gain. It’s vital they be called down and called down often for this nonsense.