From Impassioned Speech To Lt. Governor Nomination

I remember writing about Mark Robinson’s speech to a city council. It was brilliant, passionate, and accurate. The video of the speech went viral. It still shows up from time to time in pro-gun advertisements and Second Amendment groups on social media.


Robinson made a big splash with his eloquent words and spirited defense of our right to keep and bear arms.

And, it looks like it paid off for him in ways it’s unlikely he imagined just a couple of years ago.

A man’s impassioned defense of gun rights to a North Carolina city council that went viral has catapulted him in less than two years to the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor.

First-time candidate Mark Robinson got the most votes among the nine-person field in Tuesday’s primary and enough to avoid a runoff.

He didn’t win in the fundraising department, but the video of his speech was free media that likely helped Robinson.

And honestly, this is good to see.

For one thing, Robinson’s nomination suggests that love of the Second Amendment is alive and well within the North Carolina Republican Party. While it’s unlikely the party faithful would back an anti-gun candidate, Robinson’s name is almost synonymous with the Second Amendment. You don’t back a candidate like him if you don’t support the Second Amendment.

If he wins the general election, it’s a signal that North Carolina is far from becoming another Virginia.

North Carolina is a red state, but the margins between Democrats and Republicans are much closer than many might realize. It’s not a swing state, but it’s not too far from it.

Robinson winning would indicate, though, that love and support for the Second Amendment isn’t just strong in the GOP but throughout the entire state. It would serve as a signal to anti-gun lawmakers that they might as well pack it in for the next several years. Not only will Robinson not play well with them, neither will the electorate as a whole.


All from a passionate speech defending the Second Amendment.

Honestly, this has to make you more than a little proud. In a country where some try to argue women and minorities are disadvantaged, we have a man who took a viral speech that perfectly summed up the stupidity surrounding gun control pushes following mass shootings who is now poised to take the second-highest office in his state.

I don’t live in North Carolina, but if I did, I’d be backing Robinson’s campaign in a heartbeat. Consider this an endorsement, if you want, but if you’re in the state, reach out to Robinson’s campaign and do whatever you can. Whether it’s donating money or volunteering, do whatever you can to get this man elected to public office. We need more people like Mark elected to office in every state in this great country.

Let’s start with Mark Robinson, though, and we can build up from there. Once we do, the gun-grabbing days for Brady, Giffords, and the Bloomberg crowd will be well and truly numbered.

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