Brady Backs Biden For 2020 Elections

We all knew it would happen. Whoever began to shake out as the Democratic nominee would likely start tallying up the anti-gun endorsements. Based on recent polling, since the Democratic field all but evaporated and threw their support behind former Vice President Joe Biden, we all knew precisely who that support would go to.


And now it has.

Brady has formally thrown their weight behind Biden in his bid to unseat President Donald Trump from the Oval Office.

Pro-gun safety organization Brady: United Against Gun Violence endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden for president Sunday, citing his “deep and consistent commitment to ending gun violence in the United States.”

The endorsement — only the second the group has issued in a presidential primary — provides Biden with a key marker to contrast himself with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on the issue of gun safety, something he’s placed an increased focus on as the pair competes for the Democratic presidential nomination.

“At a time when our politics are polarized and people are looking for answers, Joe Biden can break through the division and deliver real change. He has proven that he understands that gun violence affects every community and person,” Brady President Kris Brown said in a statement.

“There is no other candidate in this race with his record and his commitment to ending gun violence.”

Of course, Biden’s “commitment to ending gun violence” involves treating a firearm used for a few hundred homicides per year as if they’re Class III firearms and would require owners of those rifles to either sell them back to the government or register them.

But Brady doesn’t want to come for our guns, or so they tell us repeatedly.


This is, of course, what Brady wants and let’s face it, Joe Biden has been bought and paid for by the gun control movement for decades. He’s been a glorious foot soldier to their cause for pretty much the entirety of his career.  They made their initial investment into his campaigns early on and they’re still doing so.


Honestly, this endorsement, even if rare, isn’t remotely surprising. The only remotely surprising thing is that they’re doing it during the primary and not the general election after a Democratic nominee has been named.

Of course, the Democrats have pulled out all the stops in an effort to kill the Bernie Sanders campaign. For all their talk of gun control being a non-partisan issue, it’s clear that Brady is backing the Democrats play with this endorsement. They know that the polling suggests gun control is a key issue for Democrats in the primary so their endorsement will carry some weight.

By backing Biden, the group has made it clear that they’re really just another arm of the DNC.

Not that many of us will be shocked by that revelation, of course. It’s something many of us already figured to be the case. I just didn’t think they’d be stupid enough to come this close to outright admitting it like this.

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